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Witch Hunter Robin Vol 1 (1 - 8)
(Item No Longer Available

    Sena Robin, or just Robin, is a 15-year old supernatural(in this case a witch) with the craft power of creating fires with her mind. Since she is a witch, she has been carefully watched by the Solomon organization for most of her life. After the death of a teammate, Robin is sent as the replacement for the STN-J group. The STN group deals with hunting down and killing witches, but the STN-J group captures them and sends them to the “factory”. The first eight episodes are meant as an introduction to the organization as well as the meeting all the main characters. The characters are: Amon(leader of the group), Miho Karasuma(has the power to sense the thoughts of a person just by touching them), Haruto Sakaki(hasn’t really shown any powers yet and just seems to be a member), Yurika Doujima(a lazy woman who only got the job because of her family status), and Michael Lee(the computer expert and hacker).
    Also with each episode, comes a “witch of the week” in which the group must deal with him/her. Each case was new and always leaving me on the edge of my seat. You really did not know what was going to be the outcome until the end of the episode.

    This one DVD came in the standard single case. On the front, there is a single picture of Robin wearing her glasses(these play an important role) and sitting on the floor. The volume number is located at the bottom left and the title of the series is right above that. All of the text on the front was written in English and the series logo was also on the cover.
    On the spine, it once again had the title of the series and the volume number. There was also a picture of Robin, which was the same picture that was located on the back cover.
    The back cover was split up into two parts: The left side featured a picture of Robin(just the left side of her face and upper body) as she is behind a wall. The right side of the back cover was a series of screenshots that were all taken during the opening credits. There were twelve pictures in total and they featured either Robin or Amon.
    The label on the DVD had the title of the show as well as the disc number. The picture that was shown was again the same one that was placed on the back of the cover. The holder for the DVD was three little parts(which each said push on it) and formed the letter “Y” in the middle. The DVD fell into place securely and tightly.

    I had two different feelings when watching this DVD. When I viewed the DVD on my TV, the quality of the picture looked sharper and not so grainy. When I put it on the player on my computer, the graininess was more evident and the quality annoyed me more so than on the TV. Based on the quality, the source that the company used was that of an Analog one. It was far from being a DVD rip and leads me to believe that the source was TV or a VHS copy.
    I already mentioned that the episodes looked grainy. There were a few other problems that occurred during a few of the episodes. The first problem happened on episode six. At 02h15m47s, a bar of static popped up near the bottom of the screen, going horizontally. This bar was there for a second and quickly vanished. I did not see this bar emerge later on in the episode or in any of the other ones.
    The second glitch was at the opening credits of episode eight. Towards the end of the credits, at 02h54m12s, the credits just froze and remained frozen for :03 seconds. At 02h54m15s, the episode resumed a little into the beginning of the actual episode. The video went from the opening credits, to being frozen, right to Robin sitting down at Harry’s. I am thankful that this only happened once.
    The average bit rate for disc one was 4.26Mb/sec and stayed constant throughout the entire eight episodes.

    The audio came through my speakers on my TV and computer just fine. Although on my computer, there would be this minor and very feint grinding sound in the background during some scenes of the opening credits. This may be due to the volume of my speakers, but during the episodes, I never noticed this sound. It could just be my speakers, but I wanted viewers to be aware of this. Other than that, I was very pleased with the audio and especially the soundtrack. The opening and closing credits, as well as the background music was performed beautifully and really set the atmosphere for each episode.

    The subtitles, in terms of spelling, were nearly flawless. With the exception of a minor word missing here and there, the subtitles were really well done. HOWEVER, there was only one end punctuation present on all of the episodes. Whenever a question was being asked, a question mark would appear. Whenever a normal statement was written, there was no period or exclamation mark. Not once, whether it be during the opening theme song or for the duration of the episode, was there ever a period. I cannot understand why the subtittlers would put a question mark when it was needed, but not any other form of end punctuation. They did spell the names correctly and capitalized the beginning of each sentence so they at least put effort into their work. Here are a few of the misspellings:

Correct Spelling = Incorrect Spelling

Harry’s = Haritz
Solomon = Salomon
Fiancée = Fianc?e
Sakaki = Haruto (the character’s name is Haruto Sakaki, but whenever a character referred to him, you could hear “Sakaki” being said. However, his last name would always appear in the subtitles.)
Espresso = coffee

    Another plus is that every opening, closing, and episode preview credits were subtitled. One other thing that baffled me was the episode previews. Each preview was pretty much text being written out on the screen, briefly hinting at the next episode. The text was written in English so all the subtitlers had to do was copy the words that were being displayed. Instead, they rewrote it so their sentences got the message across, but written differently. I have put up a screenshot to illustrate this!

Chapter Breaks:
    Besides the video quality, the way the episodes were broken up really saddened me. There was only one chapter break per episode and that was at the beginning of each episode. This means that for disc one there were eight chapter breaks in total. It would have really been impressing to see Animation Studio put in at least a few more breaks per episode. The ideal way to do it is to break up each episode into five parts: opening, part a, part b, closing, and the episode preview. Hopefully, the next volume will have more than one chapter break for each of the episodes.

    I must say that Animation Studio made the menus very user friendly. Even though the menus were nothing spectacular of the sort, everything was in ENGLISH! When you put in the DVD, it automatically takes you to the main menu, with no loading time for the submenus to pop up. The closing theme song is playing in the background, with a running time of 0:28 seconds before looping back to the beginning again. You are given three options: PLAY, CHAPTERS, and SUBTITLES as well as a picture of Robin in the background.

PLAY – starts DVD from episode one.
CHAPTERS – this menu also has the closing theme song playing in the background, with a running time of 0:28 seconds. There is a different picture of Robin in the background this time. Each episode is listed with the episode number and the title next to it. What I like about this series is that every episode title was written in English and therefore, the chapter menu has the titles in English. There were eight chapters to choose from, each one being for one episode.
SUBTITLES – there was no background music playing this time, but there was a picture of Amon leaning against a wall. You are given the option of Chinese, English, or Off. The options are written in Japanese with English next to it.

    I was kind of hoping that there would be some type of extras on the disc, but I am satisfied with the “ALL IN ENGLISH” menus.

    All in all, this is one amazing series. I like how they have a new case each week and that each one ends differently than the rest. I would also like to note that this series is best watched at nighttime. I have just seen 28 Days Later and the only time I jumped was when the car alarm went off. I got more excited when I watched an episode of Witch Hunter Robin. My personal scariest episode on volume one would have to be episode six. I won’t give anything away, but this is one anime series that leaves you guessing what will happen until the very end. The only complaint I have for the episodes in general is that they went by way too fast. Before I knew it, the episode would have just ended and I would be eagerly waiting for the next one to begin. There was no one episode on this disc that was plot-less or uninteresting. With a soundtrack that really accentuates the atmosphere and adds to the darkness surrounding the show, WHR was simply astounding. With the first eight episodes behind me, I look forward to the next volume and cannot wait to see what is in store for STN-J and Robin!

    Send questions and comments to:

Publisher: AV
Discs: 1
Episodes: 8
Price: $11.50

Reviewer: Polanator
Reviewed On: 08/10/2003
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This was a very easy to navigate menu! I'm just glad that the episodes were originally in English.

I was so happy to see that the episode title was in English and that the Subtitles wrote it out correctly!

I don't see why they couldn't have just copied the exact words that were right there on the screen?!

Here is the main star herself, Robin! Even though she always looks sad, I have proof here that she can smile!

Can you guess which one is the computer expert?!

Amon...if that's what he looks like when he's happy, I don't want to see him mad!

That's a nice looking watch....oh right....the dead body!

This is Robin's craft speciality: Creating Fires!

Talking dolls....just creepy!

Here is that bar of static that appeared in epiosde 6.

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