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Witch Hunter Robin Vol 3 (17 - 26)
(Item No Longer Available

    Here it is, the final ten episodes! The return of a teammate, the revelation of a secret, and a final showdown! What happens when your own organization turns against you? Will you follow them to the end or revolt to save the future?! Join Robin and the rest of the STN-J hunters as they finally learn all about their “boss” and what they’ve been using to capture witches; Orbo. This is the final volume of Witch Hunter Robin, but will it be the end for Robin???

    Volume three offers the same single case as the previous two DVDs. On the front at the top left, it has the volume number. The picture shown is of all the hunters in the STN-J. :From Left To Right: Yurika Doujima, Amon, Sena Robin, Haruto Sakaki, Miho Karasuma, and Michael Lee. Below the picture is the title of the show and there are three logos positioned on the cover. All of the logos were in the background, with a huge one in towards the top and two smaller ones to the left and right of the picture.
    The spine has the volume number, the title of the show, and a portion of the picture on the front(it only shows Amon, Robin, and part of Karasuma).
    The back has six screenshots, taken from the opening credits, running along the right side. There is also a picture of Amon and Robin, leaning against her motorbike, which takes up the rest of the back cover. Also, it is windy because both of their hair is blowing in the breeze. The title of the show is below the bigger picture, with the staff, cast, and story credits(all in Japanese) beneath that.
    The label of the DVD has the disc number, the title of the show, and the picture of Amon and Robin(that was on the back cover). The holder for the disc keeps the DVD very tightly and securely.

    The video for volume three had a lot more problems than the other two combined. The quality was the same as the other sixteen episodes, but one episode was taken from a very poor source. This episode that I speak of would be episode twenty. The whole episode was heavily grainy and remained so for the entire twenty-two minutes. One note that I would like to make is that this show is best viewed on TV, if you do not have the best video card for your computer. I thought that the show was supposed to be dark, but it was hard to see a lot of what was going on, on my computer. When I watched it on my TV, I was able to see a lot more of the background. I had no idea that in the closing credits, there was this piece of paper in the background that had text on it about witches.
    As far as static and random lines appearing, they were evident on this volume as well. The first times that I noticed it, were on episode twenty. At 01h26m20s, there was a minor glitch(much like the ones on the previous discs), which only happened for a brief moment. Again during that episode, there was a bar of static that showed up at 01h31m22s.
    On episode twenty-two, there is another bar of static that emerges at 02h21m41s. During episode twenty-three, they decided to out do the single bar of static by having multiple lines come into view at 02h45m00s. Episode twenty-five had a single bar of static at 03h30m52s and multiple ones at 03h33m47s. Finally, there was another set of multiple lines of static during the final episode, at 03h20m24s.
    On episode twenty-four, it looked as if the TV source they used was a new one. On that episode only, there was an ad for an “AT-X” company. The logo appeared at the beginning of the episode and right after the commercial break. The logo was located at the top left center and went away after a few seconds.
    If you think that’s all, then you’re very wrong. Besides all those “minor” glitches, there was one big error that involved all of the last five episodes. It all started during the episode preview on episode twenty-one. About halfway through it, at 02h01m12s, the DVD just froze. I thought it was like what happened on volume one, but then I realized that my PowerDVD program was not responding. I removed the DVD, closed out the program, and put the DVD back in. I decided to go to that episode again, fast forward to the closing credits, and let it play from there. Again, the program froze at the same part. I then went to the CHAPTERS menu, selected the next episode, and after a few seconds of nothing happening, the first episode on the disc started playing. The same slow loading time happened for episode twenty-three and any episode after that, it just froze the program when you selected it.
    I tried this out on my Toshiba SD-1200 DVD player and I was faced with the same problems. My last resort was my Toshiba SD-K620 and I was met with success. I do not know why my other players had problems with the disc, but I was able to watch the last five episodes on the K620 one.
    If anyone else had these problems, please let me know.

    The audio was ripped as nicely as before. The volume was fine as well as the sound coming out of my speakers. Again, just like before, I heard the feint grinding sound at certain parts of the opening credits. It was only during these credits and not during the actual episode.

        It seems that the people who wrote the subtitles for disc one, also wrote them for this volume. The end punctuation is non-existent, except for the question mark. The bad part about just having the question mark is that this time it was at the end of sentences that weren’t questions. There was minor Engrish, but luckily nothing that was too confusing. It was always easy to figure out what the sentence meant, without much thinking. There was, just like in the past, misspellings and changing of names. Below is another list of all the new names:

Correct Name = Incorrect Name [episode number]

Uramatsu Keiko = Muramatsu Keiko [episode 17]
Minori Yashida = Midori Yashida [episode 17]
Solomon = Salomon [every episode]
Touko = Tooko [episode 18]
Wald City = World Town [episode 18]
Anosaki = Kanosaki [episode 19]
Hitomi = Tooko [episode 19]
STN-J = SNT-J [episode 19]
Orbo = Orumon [episode 19]
Nagira = Nagari [episode 19]
Sastre = Saxdray [episode 20]
Witch = hunter [episode 20]
Chisai = Shiao-Shiao [episode 20]
Earth witch craft = real witch craft [episode 21]
Zaizen = Mr. Tsichan [episode 21]
Ohgam’s barrier = Okamu’s prioson [episode 21]
CFO = CFP [episode 22]
FZ Genetics = FG Jerrirax [episode 22]
Willem Hasselbyke = William Hartrobert [episode 22]
Sakaki = Kakaki [episode 24, once]
Devil’s Child = Son of devil [episode 25]
Sakaki = Shan [episode 25]
Eve = Eva [episode 26]

    One other complain I had about the subtitles is that they would sometimes forget to insert a word or switch a word. An example of this is when it should be “he”, but “she” is displayed.

Chapter Breaks:
    Since there are ten episodes, there are ten chapter breaks. Again, there was once chapter per episode and it was always at the beginning of each episode. I still would have liked to see the episodes broken up into five parts(Opening, Part A, Part B, Closing, and Preview).

    The menu was different than the previous two volumes. There was a short little introduction that brought up the options and the picture of Robin. The picture would start out distorted and then stretch inward to show the picture of Robin and the candles. There was also a little animation involving the smoke radiating from the candles and the second half of the opening song is playing in the background. You are given the same three options again: PLAY, CHAPTER, and SUBTITLE. This time though, the PLAY and SUBTITLE options are all selectable on the main page. The options for the subtitles are Chinese or English.
    The CHAPTER menu has all ten episodes(with English text) selectable, as well as the second half of the opening song playing in the background. The picture on the screen is a screenshot taken from the opening credits(Amon standing in the fog).

    Even though the DVDs had quite a bit of faults and errors, the series is still worth getting. The storyline as well as the characters made me forget about the TV quality and the average HK subs. As far as the static bars go, you really have to look hard at the screen to notice them. The series closed with an exceptionable ending that made me wish there was a sequel. Through this last volume, the truths about the characters are revealed as well as the real intent of the organization. I will miss not hearing the opening song and all the BG music anymore. I have never seen any horror/dark/gothic anime before, but I am glad I picked up Witch Hunter Robin. When you reach that final episode, you will feel disappointed, but only because it was too short of an anime.

    Send questions and comments to:

Publisher: AV
Discs: 1
Episodes: 10
Price: $11.00

Reviewer: Polanator
Reviewed On: 08/16/2003
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This just shows that it is better to watch this anime with a good video card, or on the TV.

In the first sentence, no period mark. In the second sentence, a question mark. I don't see why they favored the question mark so much?

Episode 20: Really bad video quality!

I can't even tell what's happening in this scene.

It's "STN-J". Is 4 letters too hard for them to put together correctly?

Now that's a nice little glitch.

I liked the little animated main menu for disc 3!

I always like it when a character has flames around them.

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