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3x3 Eyes Perfect OVA (1 - 7)
(Item No Longer Available

3x3 Eyes was one of several gateway drugs that got me addicted to anime some years ago. There is, however, something that sets this series apart from those other gateway drugs - this one STILL holds up. Consisting of entertaining and fully developed characters, a dark and involving plot, and a healthy dose of violence, 3x3 Eyes has managed to age miraculously well, despite an obviously aged visual style. Nostalgia factor aside, there are just so many redeeming qualities to this series, it would take hours to name them all.

Simple 2-disc gatefold. The artwork depicts Pai in her full glory with typical text and good coloring. The packaging has held up remarkably well to this point (about 3 months of abusive handling) and the clamps are some of the most sturdy I've seen.

3x3 Eyes is both an old and new show, I'll start with the old.

The first set of episodes (4 episodes, the aforementioned gateway drug) was originally released in 1991 and it shows. The animation style is more akin to Akira than anything you see today, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Being an OVA series, the animation and scenery is quite detailed and looks good on this DVD. There is a good amount of dirt and specks throughout, but it's a minor nuisance. The encoding process itself is fairly solid, and while I noticed next to no compression artifacts, there was a general fuzziness throughout.

The second set of episodes (5 - 7) for this set were released in 1998. Oddly, these episodes seem to be a little off, similar to their older counterparts. While the animation-style is updated, the video quality hasn't improved too greatly. There seems to be a good amount of a "glowing" effect on the characters (like an additional, light outline) - not in many scenes, but its present and worth noting.

I recall a complaint about something similar when the R1 of this set was released, so it most certainly is a flaw stemming from the source of these DVDs. It's odd seeing a character that looks as if he's from a 3D rendition of a movie (remember the Red/Blue glasses?). The video quality through the episodes is fairly consistent: Some minor blurriness, some minor breakup on fast moving scenes, and an overall slight dull/fuzzi-ness to the picture. The second batch is also a little too bright, however, is also noticeably superior to the first batch of episodes. Now with all that said, it really isn't all that bad. It's far from perfect, but more than merely watchable. (The first few episodes being slightly above VHS, and the second being slightly below DVD)

Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0 CH 384Kbps
English Dolby Digital 2.0 CH 384Kbps

Sounds good. The English track is, as is normal, a little louder than the Japanese track. On top of that, I have a certain fondness for this dub, sheer nostalgia factor, and it sounds great here.

Excellent throughout, I noticed a missed line or two, but nothing the least bit vital. The subtitles are "easy on the eyes" white, easy to read, and pretty much identical to the R1s.

Chapter Breaks:
Nothing special, they're there :D

As mentioned earlier, I love this show. This particular set contains all 7 episodes in the series as Pai and her servant travel the world in search of humanity (aka - to turn human :D).

When I initially saw this series many years ago, it was in movie-format: all 4 episodes combined into one film-style feature. I've found that this is actually the ideal way to watch it! Watch the first 4 episodes in this set (disc 1) in a row, and be prepared for one great movie. The film? Pai, a member of a near extinct, immortal race, takes Yakumo, a young man working at a nightclub, on a journey to seek her own mortality. Think of it like Pinocchio, but wanting to switch to a mere mortal. In typical anime fashion, these characters do have several special powers and there are many adversaries that are out to retrieve Pai before she can accomplish her goal and perhaps ruin the truths behind immortality. The adversaries have to be seen to really understand, and range from typical lunatic to gigantic dolls and frogs - cheesy as it may sound, it works flawlessly. The characters "special powers" are actually integrated into the plot as well. Pai can summon a large "pet" that attacks her enemies, which in turn effects how the series begins: Yakumo, whose killed by Pai's pet in the first 10 minutes and ressurected by Pai, is turned into an indestructible immortal that must protect her. These things open the way for some incredibly creative, dark and violent sequences that non-the-less entertain. The second disc of episodes (5 - 7) continues the story with more of what makes it tick, and while not quite as good as the preceeding episodes, is still superior anime.

3x3 Eyes is an anime essential. For new fans and seasoned viewers alike, this series remains one that both holds up and is still a superior piece of entertainment. The episodes in this set are excellent and the video, while weak, is likely as good as any version currently available. As a series, this is a must own, and this is likely as good a set as any available.

Publisher: MAC
Discs: 2
Episodes: 7
Price: $10.00

Reviewer: Gumai
Reviewed On: 06/15/2004
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