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Bakuryuu Sentai Aba Ranger Vol 6 (29 - 32)
(Item No Longer Available

   Are you one of those fans who have missed AbareKiller? Well, volume six is for you! These next four, action packed episodes will remind you why Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger is a great action show.
   Get ready to see Dr. Nakadai and Rije team up, the birth of Killer Ghost, and the grand entrance of the sixth Abaranger, AbareMax. Watch and learn about the true origin, not only of Jeanne, but also the armor she wears. Finally, find out what happened between Asuka and Mahoro, and how the Evorian leader Dezumozorlya played a role in the destruction of one of the greatest romances ever. Don’t miss it!

   The front of the single DVD case for volume six features Yukito Sanjo, aka AbareBlue. As always, the title of the show in English is located across the top and the Japanese title as well as logo is at the bottom. The triceratops dinosaur can be seen behind its owner. Finally, the volume number is below the logo.
   At the top of the outer spine, there is a smaller portion of AbareBlue’s body, which was on the front of case. Below that is the title of show written in Japanese and also the volume number (in English). The label on the disc actually corresponds to the picture on the front of the case.
   The back of the case is divided into two halves. The top half shows an action group picture of the four Abarangers, each with their swords drawn. The title of the show in English is below that. The bottom half has three pictures, from left to right: The brachiosaurus, Sanjo in human form, and Sanjo in ranger form holding his shield. Below those sets of pictures are the cast and crew credits as well as the logo of the show with the Japanese title inside of it.

    As always, the video was taken from a TV source. The channel’s logo in the top right of the screen (at the beginning of each episode) as well as the clock in the top left proved this. The quality was still above average, but the pixilation during the action scenes still remained. Also, the episodes were presented in full screen format.
   The only two problems I saw occurred at the end of episode twenty-nine and thirty-two. In episode twenty-nine during the last scene following the closing credits, the episode is cut abruptly before the last few sentences can be finished. This meant that there was no episode preview either. The problem was similar on episode thirty-two, except the last sentences of the episode preview were cut off.

   I listened to audio through 2.0ch Dolby Digital. There were no options on the main menu to change this. The audio quality was of the TV, but there were no irregularities that I heard through the speakers.

   It could just be the fact that I have not watched this series in a while, but the subtitles were exceptional! There was still the case of the missing punctuation marks, but there was a good amount of commas, periods, exclamation marks, and the question mark!
   What shocked me the most was usually when the rangers posed, the subtitles “Abaranger Abarenzya” would be displayed, but this time the correct words were written (Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger). Aside from a few changed names, the subtitles were Engrish free and fully understandable. Here is the shortest correct vs. incorrect list ever:

Correct = Incorrect
Dino Slasher = Dino thruster
Abareno = Abare King
Ankylobeirusu = Ankiro Beirusu

   Also, for those wondering, the subtitles were displayed in the traditional yellow font with a black border around the letters.

Chapter Breaks:
   Once again, there were four episodes and four chapter breaks. Each one was at the very beginning of the episode. It would have been helpful if they put in a few more to make searching for a scene easier, because when I had pressed the skip button, I had to fast forward from the very beginning of the episode. NO FUN!

      As soon as the play button is pressed, the main menu begins. There is a little clip show of the Abarangers as well as a shot of them with a few of the Kamen Riders from Kamen Rider 555. Why they were shown, I have no idea. Not once during any of the episodes was there a special appearance of them. The ending theme song is also playing in the background for 0:29s before restarting over again. Just to let you know that the clip show is only 0:12s long and it goes through two complete cycles (0:24s) with 0:05s to go again before the menu restarts again.
   The options that are given to you are: PLAY, SCENE SELECT, and SUBTITLES, with the two choices for the subtitles (CHINESE or ENGLISH) selectable right there.
   The SCENE SELECT menu also has the closing theme song playing in the background for 0:29s before is restarts again. There is a still picture in the background with AbareBlack in the foreground. The episodes are displayed with their Japanese title as well as the episode number. There is also a button to return to the main menu.

   Volume six really makes you appreciate this series. There was a lot more character development as well as action in all four episodes. I was actually upset when episode thirty-two finished, because it ended on such a melancholy and serious note involving Asuka. And if you thought you knew funny, wait until you see the Evorians version of the Abarangers.
   From here on out, there is sure to be more conflicts with the Abarangers and AbareKiller. And with the addition of AbareMax (you will not believe who he or she is), the Abarangers now have more fire power! And what will become of Asuka, Jeanne, and the rest of the Evorians? It looks like we will not find out until the next batch of episodes. Bring on volume seven!

Email me at if you have any problems, concerns, or comments.

Publisher: AV
Discs: 1
Episodes: 4
Price: $9.00

Reviewer: Polanator
Reviewed On: 06/22/2004
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Look at the beautiful menu to the latest...Kamen Rider 555 volume? No, it is still an Abaranger DVD, rest assured!

Anoter simplistic and somewhat boring chapter menu. Oh well, can't win em all.

What's this?! AbareKiller and Rije are teaming up?!? Well at least there aren't anymore surprises...

....AbareKiller can also "power-up"?! Ok, well I think two shockers are enough for one volume....

...well how about the sixth Abaranger, AbareMax! It seems that this volume has it all! But who is he?

Wow! The subtitles were displayed with the correct words. :random thought: I wonder what an evil version of the rangers would look like?

Oh! So that's what they would look like! I promise you that the beginning of episode 30 will be one of the funniest things you will ever see!

Meet Killer Ghost. Doesn't he remind you of a certain, oh I don't know, Killer!!!!

Meet Asuka. A strong and serious man whose past is a sad tale. To learn more, call: 1-ABA-REB-LACK.

Should I be more afraid of what he asked, or the fact that there is a talking alligator with a phone on his head, cleaning a tub?

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