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Arcade Gamer FUBUKI (1 - 4)
(Item No Longer Available

   Enter expert video gamer, Fubuki Sakuragasaki. While she may seem clumsy and carefree on the surface, once you put her in front of an arcade console, there is no beating her. Of course she has some help too!
   Enter Passion Panties (or P.P. for short). This magical white pair of underwear gives Fubuki the power she needs to be the best gamer in the world. Given to her by a mysterious man, with the word Arashi written on them, as soon as her panties are exposed, her power is awoken.
   ArcadeGamer Fubuki is a four episode OVA that tells the story of one girlˇ¦s dream of becoming the best gamer in the world and the evil organization that is trying to conquer the gaming world, and the entire world for that matter. The Glassic Group, headed by an evil leader and his four kings, will stop at nothing to defeat Fubuki and gain control of all electronics (satellites, computers, video games) all over the world.
   With the help of Hanako (Fubukiˇ¦s friend who will use her special Hadouken fan blowing technique to raise Fubukiˇ¦s skirt), Mr. Mystery (he wears a reddish/pink happy face and his secret identity is unknown, Chizuro (another wearer of the P.P.), Honey (the DDR master), and even Sanpeita (the perverted boy who is always taking pictures of Fubukiˇ¦s P.P.), the Earth may still have a chance.
   So join Fubuki and friends, as she enters the Best Arcade Gamers (or BAG) tournament in hopes of defeating all her opponents, saving the world from the Glassic Group, possibly finding out about her father, and showing off her panties in these four action, arcade packed episodes. Oh, and did I mention that there is a lot of panty shots?

      This is the standard, single DVD plastic case. On the front is an enlarged picture of Fubuki, in an action ready pose. All around her are monitors of the various other characters from the series. The names of the characters, starting from the top left and going clockwork around the case, are: The Glassic Group’s Henchmen, Chizuro, Arashi symbol on the panties, Hanako, Alka (one of the kings in the Glassic Group), the back of a boy (what relevance could he have?), Mr. Mystery, the symbol of Arashi again, and Sanpeita (the horny photographer). Toward the bottom of the case is the title of the show in Japanese and English.
   The outer spine has a smaller picture of Fubuki that was on the front. Also, the title of the show (in Japanese) is written out as well as, 1st STAGE – FINAL STAGE. The label on the disc is a portion of the picture on the front cover. Also, the show’s title (in Japanese and English) are displayed on the label as well.
   The back of the case shows a big arcade console, with a summary of the series in the middle of the screen (in Japanese). At the top left, there is a big header, which is also in Japanese, but the letters, PP, are written out. This can only mean they are mentioning something about the panties. Around the machine are eight screenshots, most of them are from the first episode. There are another four pictures directly below the arcade console (each one features a main character). The DVD specs are below the single row of pictures.

   When I watched the episodes on the TV, it seemed like clear DVD quality. On the computer, however, the quality looked a little less than clear. It was nothing dramatic, but there was a little difference. In terms of glitches or problems, I saw none. Every episode ran smoothly with no unwanted lines or pixilation. The episodes were presented in full screen format, for those wondering.

   There was only one type of problem I heard with the audio and it occurred on two episodes. What would happen is that the sound would go from loud to soft to loud and even disappear from the right earpiece (I listened with headphones) for a mere few seconds. This first happened on episode one at 02m30s and lasted till 02m36s. This same problem can be heard again during episode three at: 01h04m54s, 01h11m34s, and 01h12m54s. Each time did not last for more than three seconds. They always occurred whenever the announcer was speaking, so I am not sure if this was planned or not. I just felt that I should at least mention it.
   I listened to the audio with 2.0ch Dolby Digital and there was not an option to change this on the disc. With the exception of the problem I mentioned above, I did not hear any other irregularities.

   The good news about the subtitles is that it was very understandable. The sentences, for the majority, made sense and were grammatically correct. There was a little bit of using the wrong tense for a word, inserting the wrong letter in a word (i.e. bastard would be spelled as bustard), and the lack of punctuation marks. Aside from that, only a few character and place names were spelled incorrectly. Here is the list:

Correct = Incorrect
Alka = Yuka
Fubuki Sakuragasaki = Fubuki Sakurai/Funuki
Glassic Group = Jolasik Group/Chilasik
Jigokugawara = Kawahara

   All the episode titles, opening and closing credits, and episode previews were subtitled. The subtitles were displayed in the traditional yellow font with a black border. All in all, the subtitles were very easy to follow and I did not see myself having a problem following along.

Chapter Breaks:
   There were four episodes and nineteen chapter breaks. Episodes one, two, and three each had five breaks and episode four had four. The way they were set up is as follows:

Opening theme song
Part A
Part B
Closing theme song
Episode preview

   Since episode four was the final episode, there was no episode preview needed.

   The main menu starts up as soon as the DVD is loaded. In the background, the opening theme song (Thunder of P.P.) plays for 0:29s before starting over again. The characters shown on the screen, from left to right, are: Mr. Mystery, Fubuki, and Hanako. In the very background, there is Fubuki in her action ready pose. The options that are given to you are:


   The CHAPTERS menu has another shot of the three characters that were on the main menu screen. Also, the opening theme song is playing for the same length, before restarting. The four episode titles are written out (in Japanese), and when you select one of the episodes, you are taken to another screen. This page lets you choose one of the five chapter breaks per episode (four for the final episode). Each page has the breaks on the screen of an arcade machine and a picture of Fubuki to the left of it.
   The SUBTITLES menu has a picture of Mr. Mystery and Fubuki, with the following options (in English): CHINESE, ENGLISH, OFF, and MAIN MENU.
   Finally, the SPECIAL FEATURES is just one extra on the disc. This 03m53s bonus is a music video of the ending theme song, Flowers, sung by Nogawa Sakura and is subtitled. Beautiful voice.

    If you are a fan of some of the classic games, this show has got them. Expect to see actual game play from: Virtua Fighter 4, Outrun, Columns, Fantasy Zone, and a poorly done DDR knock-off. Also, prepare to see some jokes made at various other games, such as Street FighterˇK.Iˇ¦m only giving you one, so you have to figure the others out on your own!
   Was I impressed with the show? I enjoyed it and there were some funny moments, but for the most part, I was not amazed. The storyline felt very rushed (it is only four episodes by the way), and you do not even see a lot of the characters playing the games. Instead, you see Fubuki losing to an opponent, only to have her panties shown to everyone, she jumps in the air and calls out her attack, performs her move that makes her win all the time, and finally she just defeats the rival.
   Even if this series was stretched out, I cannot guarantee that it would have been any better. I do have to say that Mr. Mystery does add a lot of humor to the show. One of the best scenes is when he makes his entrance by falling through a glass window, he stands up boasting, and starts spurting out blood everywhere. Then, he stands up and jumps out another glass window, and just starts bleeding again. You have to see it to really appreciate it.
   And to answer some of your thoughts, this really is just a mild fanboy show. I mean, her powers come from her panties! P-A-N-T-I-E-S! At the end of the final episode, there is mention of a sequel and if I ever found it, I probably would see it (just to get the whole story, you know).
   ArcadeGamer Fubuki is an average show that really just pokes fun at itself. I do not think they took their own show seriously and you should not either. Watch it for a laugh and nothing more! START GAME!

Email me at if you have any problems, concerns, or comments.

Publisher: AV
Discs: 1
Episodes: 4
Price: $8.00

Reviewer: Polanator
Reviewed On: 06/26/2004
Click on Image for Full Size

The main menu has a nice layout to it. Awww....look how embarassed Fubuki is. That's cute.

This is the second page of the chapter menu. You will see this screen after you select the episode you want.

Where exactly are all the secrets?

...oh right! The panties! Well Sanpeita sure likes Fubuki's secret too!

Just who is this leader of the Glassic Group? And what are his reasons for wanting to conquer the world?

Dancing Devolution 2nd? I prefer Pushing it Upward 3rd Mix.

Second in command of the Glassic Group, Alka, is one mean warrior. Just wait till she tries to unleash the power of the P.P.

You know when arcade gamers throw their coins into the slot from five feet away, they mean business!

Look! Up in the! It's a...uh...MR. MYSTERY! Fear the mask. Well, he is a good guy so don't fear it too much.

Here's a big group shot of all the main characters. Yes, there is even a dinosaur in the show. And panties.

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