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Lupin III Special: Fujiko's Unlucky Days
(Item No Longer Available

      It all started out as a nice, romantic dinner on a beautiful evening. Lupin and Fujiko were talking about treasures (what else is new?) and Fujiko mentioned her latest finding: the Egg of Columbus.
   Not long after their meal, the two were suddenly attacked by a militant type group, who were there for one purpose and one purpose only: to find the File of Columbus that explained how to obtain the egg. Well Lupin and Fujiko are not ones to just comply without a fight.
   Eventually, the two were cornered on a cliff and it resulted with Fujiko plummeting to the ground. She awoke not only in the house of a female thief, Rosaria, but also without her memory. Yes, the great Fujiko did not even know her own name. Unfortunately for her, the enemy wants the information and the only copy left is inside her head.
   Lupin and the gang (Jigen and Goemon) are in a race to find the egg and restore Fujiko’s memory before Nazaroff (the president of an evil organization) gets there first. With the help of Rosaria and the dim-witted officer, Zenigata, Lupin is ready for action. But is there more to Rosaria than meets the eye? And what powers does the Egg of Columbus hold?

     The DVD comes in the standard, single case. On the cover, there is a group shot of all the characters from the movie. Lupin and Fujiko are in the middle of the shot, with Zenigata, Goemon, and Jigen to the left of them. To the right of the duo are Rosaria and one of the Nazaroff’s henchmen (he is not given a name, but be aware of his annoying laugh). In the very back of the picture is an enemy of which I will not speak its name, for I shall not ruin the true identity of the man. And even though he looks like him, it is not Heihachi from Tekken. The title of the series is written in Japanese, except for the text “FUJIKO’s Unlucky Days”.
   The outer spine of the case shows the same mug shot of Fujiko and Lupin that was on the front. Also, the same text that was written on the front of the case is across the spine. The label on the disc shows a section of the picture that was on the front of the case. The focus here is Lupin and Fujiko, but the label does show Rosaria and the henchman. The other character’s bodies are cut off and are not included (plus there is only so much space on the label).
   There is a summary (in Japanese) located on the back. Around the text are seven pictures that take up the rest of the space. Most of them feature Lupin or Fujiko, but there is a picture of Rosaria, Nazaroff, and the henchman that was in the picture on the front. Below all of that are the DVD specs. I would like to point out that it says that the movie is in letterbox format, but the only presentation of the film was in full screen.

     With the exception of a gray line that appears in the center of the screen for a brief moment at 56m12s, the video was flawless. Even though the movie is a few years old, the animation is still excellent and the transfer of the video onto DVD was without problems.

   Just like the back of the case said, the movie was only available in 2.0ch Dolby Digital. I did not hear any problems with the sound during the entire movie.

     The subtitles of the film were close to perfection, but did have its minor share of problems. The biggest complaint I have is the lack of periods at the end of the sentences. Out of the whole movie, only a miniscule fraction of the sentences actually had an end punctuation mark, and it was usually the question mark.
   Aside from that, there were also a few names that were translated incorrectly. They are, in alphabetical order:

Correct = Incorrect
Columbus = Geluba
File of Columbus = Geluba Case
Goemon = Goeman
Here = erhe
Rosaria = Liya
Rudluff Pindolla (an alias name of Lupin) = Dana

   All of the other character’s names were spelled correctly as well as the words. The only part of the movie that was not subtitled was the ending theme song. One note I want to make is that there are a lot of times when you would hear the words Columbus or an actual character’s name and it would not be included in the subtitles. It is something of unimportance, but I did notice it quite frequently.
   If not for these tiny errors, the subtitles could have passed for official subtitles (if this movie had ever been released in the states that is).

Chapter Breaks:
     In total, there are seven chapter breaks. However, the seventh one is the main menu screen. The reason I have included this one is because after the sixth break, if you hit the next chapter button it will recognize the main menu as the seventh chapter. Anyway, this is how the remaining six chapters were divided up:

1 – The very beginning of the movie
2 – 13m44s – A few seconds into a new scene.
3 – 32m42s – It is the appearance of Goemon, during a scene already in progress.
4 – 41m11s – A new scene following the fading of the previous one.
5 – 01h03m28s – During a scene already in progress, but right after an event took place.
6 – 01h17m28s – A few seconds into a scene involving Zenigata.
7 – The main menu.

   For an hour and a half long movie, they could have easily added more breaks to it. Plus, I feel that there were certain parts of the movie (mainly the fading of a scene) where a break would have fit better than the way they had done it. I am also a little surprised that they did not include a break for the closing credits because usually there is one for that.
   As I mentioned above, I find it a little odd that they omitted the sixth chapter break from the chapters menu page.

      So what comes on this DVD you ask? Well, let me take you through it step by step. When the DVD is loaded in your player, the movie will start immediately. There is a main menu and it is only a button away.
   The main menu has a screenshot of Lupin and Fujiko hanging from a ladder, as well as a movie clip playing to the left of the picture. The ending theme song is also playing in the background and both that and the clip run for 0:29s before re-looping back to the beginning. The options you are given on the screen are:

Movie - This just starts the movie from the beginning.
Subtitle - The two choices, Chinese and English are selectable right beneath it.
Chapter - For this option, there is a separate page, which I will describe below.

   The Chapter menu also has the ending theme song in the background. It runs for 0:29s and then starts over again. The background picture is of Fujiko pointing a gun, while lying on the floor. There is also a main menu button in case you want to return back. You are given five chapter break boxes to choose from, each one has a picture from that scene. What I find interesting here is that there are actually seven (really six, but you will understand below) chapter breaks, but only five are available to choose from.
   If you are looking for any extras, there are none on the DVD. It seems it is not only Fujiko’s unlucky day.

       It has been a while since I have watched Lupin, but now I remember why the show was enjoyable. It is filled with action, adventure, and a good amount of comedy (mainly from Lupin and Zenigata…oh that Zenigata). Prior to this film, I had only seen the first TV series and the Lupin the Third Episode Zero: First Contact special.
   Some might say that if you have seen one Lupin movie, you have seen them all, but you know what? I still want to watch each and every one of them. While the plots may be similar, the entertainment factor is always there. With a great music score and a cast of characters that are unforgettable, Lupin the Third, the Revival of Love. Fujiko’s Unlucky Days., is a film well worth seeing. And if you have ever seen Lupin, you know it is anybody’s game up until the very end! Who will have possession of the egg? What are its true powers? And will Fujiko wind up having a good day or will she be destined to live a life she cannot even remember?

Email me at if you have any problems, concerns, or comments.

Publisher: MAC
Discs: 1
Episodes: Movie; 90Min
Price: $6.00

Reviewer: Polanator
Reviewed On: 07/03/2004
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Don't Fujiko and Lupin look good together on the main menu? And who is that man in the background?

Though there is a screenshot in each chapter window, there are still two chapters missing. Read the review to find out which ones are not included.

Yay, the whole gang is here! Wait one minute. I see Lupin, Jigen, and Goemon. Isn't there someone missing?

Oh right! FUJIKO! Well it looks like it is her unlucky day (hey, I had to put that joke in somewhere)!'s an egg! And it looks like this is the treasure of the week that everyone is after. But who will get it and what secrets does it hold?

So how does the beautiful Rosaria fit into all this? Is she a friend or foe? But one look at her and I don't think Lupin will care.

...except for the fact that there are booby traps with pointy things on sticks trying to hurt you....or am I just overreacting a little?

Jigen sure does come prepared. He was smart enough to bring a backpack.

1. No thanks! I don't like gifts very much. 2. Where's the period at the end of the sentence? 3. Ouch...just ouch!

How many times do I have to tell you? Guns are not for eating!

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