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Mobile Suit Gundam: Special Edition Perfect Movie Box
(Item No Longer Available

In Universal Century 0079, the colonies of Side 3, now renamed the Principality of Zeon, declared war on the Earth Federal Forces. Mobile Suit Gundam is the story of two soldiers on opposite sides in the war. One, Amuro Ray, is a young boy who was pressed into service when he commandeered the Federal Forces prototype mobile suit Gundam during an attack on his home in Side 7. The other, Char Aznable, joined Zeon to avenge his father. As they meet on the battlefield they first become rivals, and then bitter enemies.

The DVDs are in a 3 disc gatefold set, and actually, it looks really nice. It's full of watercolor images, one for each movie and one for the front panel. The only problem is there are seven art panels, and only four illustrations, so three of them get re-used. And the back panel text seems to be referring only to the third movie. But it does look nice, and it's solidly constructed.

The video was actually better than I was expecting. The movies are 25 years old at this point, and the animation looks dated, specifically the character designs on the supporting characters. But the quality of the video itself is outstanding with no visible distortions.

The audio is every bit as good as the video, it's clear and free of distortions. There are two tracks, both in Japanese. Track one is surround sound, track two is stereo. They both sounded fine to me, but I don't have a surround sound setup, so I can't tell you how it'll sound on one.

There were a few times, probably less than five, where the subtitle didn't appear for a line. Other than those few missed lines, the subtitles are spot on. They're timed well, grammatically correct, and spelled correct.

Chapter Breaks:
There were about fifteen chapters in each movie, which is enough to find all the high points and important scenes.

This set has no special features, which is kind of a drag. But it does have three really awesome movies, so I can't complain too much, but a trailer or something would have been nice.

Gundam is probably the most popular anime property world-wide. In Japan, Gundam is as well-known as Star Wars or Star Trek. In September 2006, private cosmonaut Daisuke Enomoto plans to travel to the International Space Station in a re-creation of Char Aznable's normal suit. The reason for Gundam's popularity? These three movies. Do I really have to say more?

Publisher: MAC
Discs: 3
Episodes: |
Price: $27.00

Reviewer: Nozomu
Reviewed On: 07/15/2006
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