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Slam Dunk TV Pt 2 (25 - 48)
(Item No Longer Available

       Last week on Slam Dunk, Mitsui and his gang of hooligans were holding the Shohoku team hostage in their own gym. With the captain nowhere in sight, it looked like it might be the end of the basketball season, even before the Inter-High Preliminaries began.
       But fear not true believers for a few flashbacks of a better life may be just the cure our old MVP player needed. And with the number 1 and 2 teams from last year, Kainan and Shoyo, playing in the upcoming tournament, Shohoku needs to resolve the issue at hand and train, train, train. Sakuragi! That means you too, genius!

       Can someone say, “rehash”? Part 2 has nearly the exact same layout at part 1, with only the picture on the front, back, and discs changed.

Front: On the front we have Hanamichi Sakuragi in the background with Kaede Rukawa and Sendo Akira in the foreground. The title of the series (in English) as well as the box number are located at the top right.

Outer Spine: Again we have the title of the series (English) towards the upper half of the spine, with the same shot of Sakuragi (that was on the front of part 1) below it. At the very top and bottom of the spine are white silhouettes of Hanamichi. The box number is also located here.

Back: The majority of the left hand side shows the same shot of the three main players that were on the front. Above them are four screenshots from episode one and to the right is the title again. The right hand side of the back case has an episode list for the episodes in this set (25-48). The sad news is that the titles are written in Japanese. At the very bottom are the DVD specs.

Inner Flaps and Discs: As you open the set, the outer left and right flap form one picture: that of Hanamichi and Rukawa hovering around the basket as the ball rebounds off of the hoop. There is a little blurb written at the bottom of the left flap and it reads:

        “Hanamichi Sakuragi is a well known character who has been continuously rejected by no less than 50 girl students for the three years of his junior high school days. He entered Shohoku Senior High School, and when he heard the 50th girl say “I like Oda-kun in the Basketball Club”, he was shocked.”

       When you open up the left flap, the inner side (which just has the show’s title) and disc four appear. Disc four shows Miyagi (in his manga form) dribbling a baskeball. The picture behind it is the same as the label.
       Discs 5 and 6 are behind the right flap and they show Kogure and Mitsui (small spoiler), respectively. Again, the pictures behind the disc are the same as the label. I also want to point out that the discs are securely fastened with a “V” shaped tab that you have to push in to loosen the disc. However, and this could just be me, I was unable to secure disc 5 into its holder. This predicament does suit Kogure quite nicely; always overlooked and always underappreciated.

       If you felt that you just read the description for part 1 with a few words altered to explain part 2, then you are correct. For you collectors out there, having the same spine does look nice on the shelf.

       To keep it short and simple, the video was identical to part 1. The episodes are fullscreen, the intro, conclusion, and episode recaps for each episode were left intact, and there were still no episode previews. For those who do not remember the video quality, it had some dust particles popping up, but considering its age, the DVDs look great! Finally, the one annoyance I noticed more in this set than in the last were these feint black lines that just came on and off the screen occasionally. Bottom line: Old show + Amazing video quality = Happy Reviewer :-D.

       Did anything change from part 1? No. Is it still 2.0ch Dolby Digital and the same good quality coming out of the speakers? Yes. ‘Nuff said.

       The good thing about having that déjà vu experience is that you already know what to expect. Much like the video and audio of part 1, the subtitles also retained their above average quality. If you remember from the previous 24 episodes, the names (for the majority) were spelled correctly, the sentences were written in proper grammar, and the opening/closing credits were subtitled. At times, I thought I was watching the R1 release, due to the spot on subtitles.
       Much to my chagrin, the same problems that plagued the first box set also made their triumph return: subtitles disappearing too quickly, a few episodes with a little drop in quality (names switched, incorrect grammar, etc), and a few other insignificant defects. Overall, part 2 was very easy to follow, despite the somewhat small white font with black border subtitles (mainly on the TV and not on the computer).

Chapter Breaks:
       3 discs. 24 episodes. 8 episodes per disc. Just like last time, each episode had 3 chapter breaks:

       1) Opening Credits
       2) Beginning of Episode (recap to be specific)
       3) Ending Credits

Why is there no halfway chapter break? Oh why Dr. T?!

       As you pop in one of the three discs, the Manga logo screen comes up for 0:08s before proceeding to the main menu. This time, Rukawa is the main star on all three discs, with a clip from an earlier episode (from part 1) playing in the background, with the ending theme song, for 0:15s before starting over again. The options on the main menu are:

Play All
English Subtitle: On or Off (this is selectable right on the main menu)

       The chapter menu has a list of the episodes on that disc and a picture to accompany the page (this is different depending on what disc you are viewing).
        Are you wondering why Hanamichi shaved his head? Find out in part 3.

       Taking into account that the format and quality of part 2 did not change very much from part 1, this is another great Slam Dunk set. The series is now nearing the halfway point and there is definitely a lot more basketball action in episodes 24-48. The Inter-High tournament is nearing the end, Genius Hanamichi is slowly improving, and yet another character from the past has just made an appearance in the last few episodes on disc 6. Who is this mysterious player that has vowed to defeat Kainan in the preliminaries? I think his name was Oda-kun. Now why does that name ring a bell?

Email me at if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.

Publisher: MI
Discs: 3
Episodes: 24
Price: $18.00

Reviewer: Polanator
Reviewed On: 08/05/2006
Click on Image for Full Size

Welcome to the main menu Rukawa.

A shaved head? Is this a foreshadowing of things to come?

Shoyo's captain...Fujima.

Listen to Sakuragi, Fujima.

Shohoku's benchwarmers...

...and those other guys.


What's gotten the coach of Ryonan so shocked?!

Could it be Kainan?

Or possibly Sakuragi?!

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