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Gundam SEED Perfect Boxset (1 - 52)
(Item No Longer Available

Cosmic Era 71. The war between the ZAFT Coordinators and the Earth Alliance Naturals has dragged on for nearly a year. ZAFT's Mobile Suits have, to this point, proved to be the most powerful weapon in the war. In order to level the playing field, the Earth Alliance has commissioned five prototype mobile suits to be built in the neutral space colony of Heliopolis. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED tells the story of the pilots of these mobile suits and the roles they play in the final days of the Bloody Valentine War.

All six discs of this set are held in one single-width Amaray-style case. It's really an ingenious design that saves shelf space, something I find myself running low on at times. The insert cover features Kira Yamato and his ZGMF- X10A Freedom mobile suit. The back of the cover depicts a battle between the GAT-X105 Strike and the GAT-X303 Aegis mobile suits.

The video quality was consistently high throughout the set. There were no defects or glitches in the discs, and the clear transfers really showed off the sleek blend of CGI and traditional animation. The show is full of fast action and bright colors, but not even the most action-packed sequence brought about a drop in the image quality.

There are English and Japanese audio on the set. Both tracks are clear and have no distortion.

As far as I could tell, the subtitles were entirely error-free. There was not so much as a timing error over the course of all 50 episodes, and the grammar and spelling were top-notch.

Chapter Breaks:
Each episode had 6 chapter breaks, including breaks before and after the opening and ending songs and at the midpoint eyecatch.

This set is jam-packed with special features. There are music videos and textless opening and endings for the featured songs. My favorite feature was the Mobile Weapon files, which feature images and design specs and other pertinent information about the various mobile suits, mobile armors and battleships featured in the show.

Gundam Seed was envisioned as a remake of Mobile Suit Gundam for a contemporary audience. Though it features all-new characters with all-new personalities, the show does parallel several of the events of First Gundam as well as Z Gundam, most notably the series of battles in the desert from First Gundam and the prototype Gundam theft from Z Gundam. Fans of the Universal Century timeline will see old themes and events portrayed in new ways, and people who have never seen Gundam before will find a rich world full of interesting, human characters, and unlike the Universal Century, the Cosmic Era is new and free from the 25 years of history that some new fans find so intimidating. Personally, I really liked the show, and it's one of my favorite Gundam series. In fact, I liked it so much I watched the last thirty episodes in one sitting because I was too captivated to stop.

Publisher: FX
Discs: 6
Episodes: 52
Price: $36.00

Reviewer: Nozomu
Reviewed On: 08/30/2006
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