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Karma Club Novel 1 [TP]$4.99 
In Year 223 AA (After Armageddon), the world is a peaceful place. Instead of money, people use Karma as their currency, so doing good deeds makes people rich. Of course, evil never gives up and the underground organization The Tunnel is out to revers . . .

Pop Japan Travel: Essential Otaku Guide Book [DMP] ANIMEniacs Recommends This Product$4.99 
Based off the hit tours arranged by Pop Japan Travel, explore the streets of Tokyo and experience Japanese pop culture in this new manga. T.M. Revolution makes a guest appearance along with a couple of yakuza in this whirlwind tour of Japan. This tra . . .

Yashakiden Demon Princess Novel 04 [DMP] ANIMEniacs Recommends This Product$1.99 
As the immortal Demon Princess inexorably transforms Demon City Shinjuku into a vampire metropolis, Setsura infiltrates her manor house alone. There he encounters the puppet paramours and "picture soldiers" created by the warlock Kikiou. The witch Ga . . .

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