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I Hunt Monsters TPB 1 [ANP]$4.99 
My family has failed. For uncounted millennia, we have guarded the world from monsters. Now a cataclysm has occurred and all the vile creatures captured since the dawn of history have escaped, and now I am alone. My destiny is sealed, my mission is c . . .

I Wish TPB 1 [MDB]$4.99 
K is a wizard who grants wishes and in turn takes the most important and precious thing from the wisher. Desperate from her loss, Ryu Jin goes to K and asks him to bring back her parents and brother from death. K tells her that he cannot grant such a . . .

I's TPB 10 [VIZ]$4.99 
At first it seems like a dream come true: Ichitaka has a Christmas Eve date with Iori. But just as he is about to confess his love, Izumi's psycho boyfriend shows up looking for a fight.

Then Ichitaka finds out that Izumi is waiting for hi . . .

Ichiroh TPB 05 [HBG]$4.99 
The road to success might be bumpy, but these girls are determined to reach their goals. Nanako and her friends returned from their Okinawa study vacation refreshed and ready to jump back into their studies. With the break behind them, the date of th . . .

iD_Entity TPB 11 [TP]$4.99 
While Roto, Aradon, Boromid, Adol, Olios, and Yureka are facing off against the Monster King, the users start to question if there is any meaning to fighting for Luciferia, what with rumors of the Lost Saga company being taken over by its rival runni . . .

iD_Entity TPB 8 [TP]$4.99 
The true identity of all the players has been revealed! The group follows their own path to only end up in a bigger game. But is everyone truly ready for the mysteries and challenges awaiting them in the Last Saga?

Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit TPB 02 [VIZ]$4.99 
Dear Citizen:
Congratulations! You have been randomly selected to die in 24 hours.Thank you for your continued attention and your cooperation and participation...

Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit TPB 05 [VIZ]$4.99 
Dear Citizen: Congratulations! You have been randomly selected to die in 24 hours. Thank you for your continued cooperation and participation.

In The End TPB 1 [TP]$4.99 
No one understands high school student Kaito Niikura. Not his dad. Not his classmates. No one. That is, until he meets his teacher Ren Ando, who understands him better than he even knows..

In The Starlight TPB 1 [NCO]$4.99 
Ever since Shinhae was young, when she used to sit on a hill watching the night sky with her father, she has always admired the stars and dreamed of what is out there in the universe. But she never expected that her dreams - and nightmares - would co . . .

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