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Let Dai TPB 11 [NCO]$4.99 
Let Dai is a tragic tale of forbidden love and unforgivable betrayal. Set in a soulless neo-Seoul ruled by young punks and pleasure seekers, an amoral teenager named Dai is the living embodiment of the city's beauty and cruelty. As the leader of the . . .

Let Dai TPB 5 [NCO]$4.99 
Yoonuen's fear for her sister's well-being has pushed her to ask Jaehee for help, even as her own feelings for him continue to confuse her. But Jaehee has his own issues to deal with, and when Dai unexpectedly shows up in front of his house with a ch . . .

Let Dai TPB 9 [NCO]$4.99 
Dai learns the hard way that even someone as powerful as he is can know the fear of losing a loved one. His grandma's health teeters on the edge of a knife and pushes him further into nihilism. Only Jaehee can still reach him, but he's got his own fa . . .

Lie To Me TPB Vol 1 [NCO]$6.99 
NetComics presents Manwha Novella Collection - an anthology of shorter works from the most prominent Korean Comic Authors!

Volume One: Lie to Me contains three popular shorter works by Youngran Lee, one of the most famous shojo writers in . . .

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