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Tactics TPB 1 [TP]$1.99 
Kantarou, a folklore scholar living in the Taisho period, has various and sundry adventures. But Kantarou moonlights as an exorcist solving the problems of ghosts and demons, all with the help of Haruka, the legendary demon-eating tengu!

Tactics TPB 7 [TP]$1.99 
Kantarou takes on a case of finding a missing person that leads him to an ironworking village affiliated with a mysterious organization called the Toratsugumi Society that is reviving the dead!

Takeru Opera Susanoh Swords O/T Devil TPB 01 [VIZ]$1.99 
There is a legend that speaks of a powerful sword hidden and sealed in "Jagara-Mogara." It is said that when the spirits of Light, Water, and Earth come together, the seal of this sword will be broken, and the sword will be immortalized. This is the . . .

Takeru Opera Susanoh Swords O/T Devil TPB 02 [VIZ]$1.99 
The three Takerus attempt to help the kingdom of Jagara protect the powerful Sword of Susanoh from the marauding empire of Amamikado. Unfortunately for them, they hadn't counted on one of the kingdom's three queens going turncoat-and helping to sneak . . .

Takeru Opera Susanoh Swords O/T Devil TPB 03 [VIZ]$1.99 
The kingdom of Jagara is in ruins. Queen Yamato, along with the hero Kumaso, is now under the control of the evil Sword of Kusanagi and its army of puppets. Queen Azuma has turned traitor and joined the empire of Amamikado, which seeks to bring the s . . .

Takeru Opera Susanoh Swords O/T Devil TPB 04 [VIZ]$1.99 
The forces of the evil Sword of Kusanagi have reached the gates of the kingdom of Amamikado, led by the possessed hero Kumaso. Amamikado's mighty general Ohiko manages to fend off Kumaso, but is ultimately betrayed and killed by his own king, Otarash . . .

Tale of an Unknown Country TPB 01 [CMX] ANIMEniacs Recommends This Product$1.99 
From the author of THE LAPIS LAZULI CROWN. Rosemarie is the princess of a humble kingdom. Her brother wants an alliance with a bigger and wealthier neighbor, so he promises her hand to Reynol, the mysterious prince of the other country. But Rosemarie . . .

Taro and the Carnival of Doom [VIZ] ANIMEniacs Recommends This Product$3.99 
Who is that masked villain?
When King Crossout lures Terrie to a creepy carnival, he's determined to defeat Terrie once and for all. But Terrie is fearless, and he finds a new friend to join the fight! Battle lines are drawn (and erased), secr . . .

Tears of a Lamb TPB 01 [CMX]$1.99 
Get in at the start of a new CMX series from the creator of I HATE YOU MORE THAN ANYONE! Freshman Kei has one thing on her mind: getting into the apartment of Kanzaki, a fellow classmate. She's searching for something she lost there two tenants ago. . . .

Tears of a Lamb TPB 02 [CMX]$1.99 
It's "Sports Day" at school, and Kanzaki has one more chance to make it onto the basketball team. He's up against an old rival who knows about his past failure and how he cost his last school's team a victory. When an accident puts his ability to pla . . .

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