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Zig*Zag TPB 2 [VIZ]$1.99 
Time moves quickly in the tiny world of Kazami Dormitory. Follow the adventures of Taiyou, the free spirit with a heart of gold, as he finds his ikebana skills taken to fresh new limits by the challenges of the headboy...and then comes face to face w . . .

Zig*Zag TPB 3 [VIZ]$1.99 
In this volume of Zig-Zag, Jinjin takes advantage of Taiyou's gullible nature and cruelly terrifies him with a fictitious ghost story. Upon learning the truth, Taiyou and Sonoh, together with the help of the sadistic Hiroshi, set out to get their tim . . .

Zombie Fairy TPB 1 [CMX]$1.99 
CMX launches an exciting new era of manga with its first Flex Comix title! Flex Comix is a joint venture between DC Comics and Flex Comix, a Japanese company that creates exciting, original manga for web, mobile phones and print. In ZOMBIE FAI . . .

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