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Domestic Manga

Hanaukyo Maid Team TPB 3 [IC]$4.99 
Yashima Sanae, second in command of the Hanaukyo maid security division, returns from overseas to watch over the mansion. She has a secret crush on Konoe, so when Konoe goes on a trip to train alone with Taro, Yashima fears the worst and follows alon . . .

Happy Boys TPB 01 [DMP] ANIMEniacs Recommends This Product$4.99 
At the butler café, Lady Braganza, the five apprentice butlers known as the Happy Boys awaits you to deliver happiness to your table. It's their mission to bring happiness to the ladies who visit the café and to become the perfect butler. After int . . .

Happy Cafe TPB 08 [TP]$4.99 
Small klutzy girl gets a job at a cafe run by two older hot guys. She struggles at first but learns to be of use to the cafe and gets close to the male characters. Lots of romance and comedy.

Happy Mania TPB 08 [TP]$4.99 
Kayoko finds herself unable to leave Kyoto and her hot new man, Tamekichi. When she finally emerges after three days, Mari warns her that Mr. Right is all wrong for her. Tamekichi's mysterious past is catching up with him, and Kayoko has a revelation . . .

Hard Boiled Angel TPB 3 [CPM]$4.99 
Detective Jiran Ha is hot on the trail of two murderers imbued with superhuman abilities. In a freak twist of events, Jiran must choose between doing her duty and coming to their aid. What follows is a blood-soaked orgy of violence!

Hardima Magic Cram School TPB [DEL]$4.99 
A new one-volume manga from the creator of Venus vs. Virus! Kokuyo and Harika are a little unusual - and not just because they're sorcery students. They're Obsidians, wizards who must use enchanted swords to help them cast spells. Their fellow studen . . .

Harlem Beat TPB 6 [TP]$4.99 
Nate Torres may have raw talent, but he lacks the skills to make it past "bench warmer" status on his high school basketball team. Shurman, their best player and captain of the team, thinks Nate could be a star with the right kind of help - and lots . . .

Harlem Beat TPB 7 [TP]$4.99 
Johnan High's basketball team is getting closer to winning the Nationals. But their future depends on getting past the superior play of Hara High. The team is banking on the raw talent and "invincible Lay-ip" of freshman Nate Torres. But they have al . . .

Harukaze Bitter Bop TPB 1 [TP]$4.99 
Chiyoharu used to be the leader of the troublemakers until one day an innocent prank results in a major fire at his school. When his three other cohorts take the blame and are kicked out of school, Chiyoharu tries to go on with his mundane life. That . . .

Hayate the Combat Butler TPB 03 [VIZ]$4.99 
As if dealing with his mistress Nagi's outlandish demands weren't taxing enough, poor (yet perennially) hardworking Hayate has to suffer the ignominy of being challenged to a duel by Nagi's fiance Wataru Tachibana. With his saber at the ready, Hayate . . .

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