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Yaoi Manga

Let Dai TPB 11 [NCO]$4.99 
Let Dai is a tragic tale of forbidden love and unforgivable betrayal. Set in a soulless neo-Seoul ruled by young punks and pleasure seekers, an amoral teenager named Dai is the living embodiment of the city's beauty and cruelty. As the leader of the . . .

Let Dai TPB 5 [NCO]$4.99 
Yoonuen's fear for her sister's well-being has pushed her to ask Jaehee for help, even as her own feelings for him continue to confuse her. But Jaehee has his own issues to deal with, and when Dai unexpectedly shows up in front of his house with a ch . . .

Let Dai TPB 9 [NCO]$4.99 
Dai learns the hard way that even someone as powerful as he is can know the fear of losing a loved one. His grandma's health teeters on the edge of a knife and pushes him further into nihilism. Only Jaehee can still reach him, but he's got his own fa . . .

Lie To Me TPB Vol 1 [NCO]$6.99 
NetComics presents Manwha Novella Collection - an anthology of shorter works from the most prominent Korean Comic Authors!

Volume One: Lie to Me contains three popular shorter works by Youngran Lee, one of the most famous shojo writers in . . .

Import Hentai DVDs

La Blue Girl Boxset [MAC]$18.00 
The last in a line of supernatural sex ninjas, Miko Mido is all that stands between humanity and the perverted hordes of the underworld. Despite her inexperience, our heroine has the skills and spirit to take on debauched demons, treacherous temptres . . .

La Blue Girl Returns: Demon Seed (1 - 2) [MAC]$6.00 
A deadly sex ninja trained in the carnal arts, Miko is hot to deal out heavy martial arts mistreatment to any demon who threatens her. But when the monsters target her sexy sister for a little family fun, Miko really sees red! Who is the stronger sex . . .
User Rating: Average Rating: 9.67 

La Blue Girl Returns: Shikima Lust (3 - 4) [MAC]$6.00 
A race of butterfly-demons named the Mahoroba want to enslave Miko Mido and her sister to steal them the seal case that control the Shikima. Their ultimate goal is to conquer the Shikima Brain, a legendary place of the Shikima realm which is said to . . .

Lady Blue (1 - 6) [MAC]$6.00 
19-year-old Miko Mido may look like an ordinary college student, but she's really a half-demon ninja sex-warrior! Now, she's the prime target of a ghost whose supernatural sexual technique brings every woman under its thrall. Unless Miko gathers her . . .
User Rating: Average Rating: 9.33 

Leatherman Complete Collection [MAC]$6.00 
Kurusu (Leatherman) grabs a bag of belongings from a safe and takes off on his motorcycle. His past partner (Shisui) is instructed by his boss to tell Kurusu to come back with the items he took from the sage to avoid certain death. Because Kurusu is . . .

Legend of the Overfiend: Urotsukidoji (1 - 5) [MAC]$12.00 
User Rating: Average Rating: 9.06 

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