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Domestic Manga

Quantum Mistake TPB 1 [ADV]$1.99 
Too-Ji and Woo-Soo become the subjects of a mad scientist’s experiment with the latest invention - the quantum teleporter - their bodies are switched, leaving only their minds and spirits intact. Woo-Soo, who was once a model student, must face life . . .

Queens TPB 2 [TP]$1.99 
Pained by unrequited love, Pil-Hyun dreams all day about Song-Ah, but confronting his feelings leads him down tragedy's path. He finds out that the handsome and irresistible Gyung-Ju Lee is seeking favor with Song-Ah! Does Pil-Hyun stand a chance aga . . .

Import Anime DVDs

Quiet Country Cafe [MAC]$5.00 
When the Alpha Café is damaged by a typhoon, Alpha decides to set off on a trip around the country. Walking from place to place, she sees the mostly-empty world with curious eyes, taking pictures with her camera. Yet, in her travels, she also learns . . .

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