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Domestic Manga

Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy TPB 06 [VIZ]$1.99 
When Generation Ex, the Muscle League's newest team of super-powered wrestlers, challenged Kid Muscle and his friends for the right to protect the Earth from evil, things got real personal, real fast. Now Kid Muscle is the last member of his team sti . . .

Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy TPB 08 [VIZ]$1.99 
Does Kid Muscle look a little pale in this volume? A mite wan? A wee bit... dare we say it... terrified? If he's sweating buckets under that ubiquitous mask, there's a reason, and it ain't to be found in the ring.

Oh, sure, the Kid's fina . . .

Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy TPB 12 [VIZ]$1.99 
Say what you like about No Respect, the trio of reprobates released from an orbital prison to battle Kid Muscle, but the guys know how to put on a show. In addition to staging his battle with the Kid atop an enormous stone lion, the bitter and ruthle . . .

Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy TPB 14 [VIZ]$1.99 
Kid Muscle's rasslin' career has been one long string of ups and downs, but the Superhuman Olympics may be a new low. The hero who destroyed the evil DMP, took down every member of Generation Ex, and won the Fire from the thugs of No Respect is now c . . .

Until the Full Moon TPB 2 [BB]$1.99 
Who would have thought that there was anything worse than changing into a woman on nights of the full moon? Marlo certainly didn't.

But now his engagement to David Vincent, the handsome skirt-chasing vampire, has been jeopardized by threa . . .

Utopia's Avenger TPB 02 [TP]$1.99 
Commander Yahwan has finally hunted down Gildong, and as the fight starts, Gildong realizes his inner force has diminished. Only a miracle will stop him from falling to the hands of Yahwan. Gildong will have to rely on outside forces in order to surv . . .

Urotsukidoji TPB 1 [CPM]$6.38 

Urotsukidoji TPB 2: Rebirth of the Chojin [CPM]$6.38 

Urotsukidoji TPB 3: The Chojin Returns [CPM]$6.38 

Urotsukidoji TPB 4: The Demon Hungers [CPM]$6.38 

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