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Domestic Manga

Yonen Buzz TPB 3 [TP]$1.99 
The rehearsal at GMB did not exactly produce the best results. The producer, Ryan, seems to have a completely different objective other than supporting Plastic Chew. While Atsushi and Jun stick to their purist style, Sayuri and Keigo may fall into te . . .

Young Magician TPB 03 [CMX]$1.99 
When Ibuki and Carno finally meet, they're still missing pieces of the puzzle - like secrets they don't know they share, and the epic battle that awaits them. Ibuki knows he has powers, but has yet to realize how dangerous they are. Unfortunately for . . .

Your Lover TPB 2 [NCO]$1.99 
Marie struggles with her lost love and the new life she faces alone every day. Gangbin continues his desperate courtship of Marie, seducing her with the eyes of his late brother whom she loved dearly. Unable to resist for long, she feels herself draw . . .


Yashakiden Demon Princess Novel 04 [DMP] ANIMEniacs Recommends This Product$1.99 
As the immortal Demon Princess inexorably transforms Demon City Shinjuku into a vampire metropolis, Setsura infiltrates her manor house alone. There he encounters the puppet paramours and "picture soldiers" created by the warlock Kikiou. The witch Ga . . .

Yaoi Manga

Yellow II TPB 3 [DMP] ANIMEniacs Recommends This Product$4.99 
Taki and Goh - an expert team of bandits hired by the police to steal from the mafia. This time, their assignment involves their immediate family member. Can they find what they are looking for without getting too personal and emotional? How would . . .

Import Anime DVDs

Y's Legacy - The Perfect Collection [MAC]$10.00 
In ancient times, the books of Ys were guarded by six priests and two goddesses. Contained within the books was the secret to all the good in this world, and all the evil in a manís heart. Adol Christen sets out on a quest to gather the books of Ys a . . .

Yami no Matsuei TV Perfect Collection(1 - 13) [MAC]$10.00 
Evil walks the earth, and only supernatural detective Tsuzuki can stop it! Tsuzuki takes on vampires and demons with style and skill, but his afterlife has been haunted by the specter of the evil Dr. Muraki, a heartless immortal serial killer. Can Ts . . .
User Rating: Average Rating: 9.83 

You're Under Arrest: The Movie [] ANIMEniacs Recommends This Product$5.00 

User Rating: Average Rating: 9.34 

Yu Yu Hakusho Perfect Movie: Poltergeist Report [MAC] (Out of Stock)$5.00 
Millennia ago, a war was fought between the Netherworld and the Spirit World. Ultimately, the Netherworld was destroyed and Lord Yakumo, the King of the Netherworld, was banished to the depths of space. Now, five defenders from the Spirit World must . . .

Yu Yu Hakusho Perfect TV Pt 1 (1 - 25) [FX]$15.00 
Yuusuke is a 14 yr. old punk-ass kid with a bad attitude. One day, he actually does something good, throwing the balance of his fate off the handle, dies, and has to earn his way back into existence. When that's over with, Koenma (Prince of the Under . . .
User Rating: Average Rating: 8.50 

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