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[A] D I K M T

Ame Comi Jesse Quick as The Flash PVC Figure **Clearance** [AME]$34.99 
Sculpted by Jack Mathews. Faster Than Lightning. Super-speedster and member of the Flash family of zoomers, Jesse Quick invokes the mysterious 3x2(9y2)4A formula, tapping into the power of the Speed Force. Fleet of foot, Jesse sizzles with swiftness. . . .

Ame Comi White Canary PVC Figure **Clearance** [AME]$34.99 

Sent by Lady Shiva to destroy Black Canary, this deadly version of Black Canary is the evil opposite of Dinah Lance. Like her black clad counterpart she shouts her Canary Cry to announce her arrival to the Ame-Comi l . . .

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