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One of the things we try to give to our customers is an idea of what quality the products they are purchasing. In this section our reviewers give an in depth analysis of products we sell. We also provide reviews from our customers.
ANIMEniacs Staff Reviews
ReviewerTitleUser RatingReviewed On
NozomuLove Hina Perfect TV + Movie ( 1 - 25 + Movie)Urashima Keitaro has spent the past three years attempting the Tokyo University entrance exams and failing miserably. He refuses to give up, however, because fifteen years ago he made a promise to his first love that they would go to Tokyo U together. Keitaro can longer remember her name or face, but the promise is heavy on his mind. The se . . . (More) 08/30/06 
NozomuGundam SEED Perfect Boxset (1 - 52)Cosmic Era 71. The war between the ZAFT Coordinators and the Earth Alliance Naturals has dragged on for nearly a year. ZAFT's Mobile Suits have, to this point, proved to be the most powerful weapon in the war. In order to level the playing field, the Earth Alliance has commissioned five prototype mobile suits to be built in the neutral spac . . . (More) 08/30/06 
NozomuHeroTwo thousand years ago, war raged across China as the King of Qin (Daoming Chen) sought to unite all the lands of China under his rule. Three assassins who've vowed to kill him, Long Sky (Donnie Yen), Broken Sword (Tony Leung Chiu Wai), and Flying Snow (Maggie Cheung), have all been killed themselves by a nameless warrior (Jet Li) who now a . . . (More) 08/21/06 
PolanatorSlam Dunk TV Pt 2 (25 - 48)       Last week on Slam Dunk, Mitsui and his gang of hooligans were holding the Shohoku team hostage in their own gym. With the captain nowhere in sight, it looked like it might be the end of the basketball season, even before the Inter-High Preliminaries began.
       But fear not true . . . (More)
NozomuGundam Z Perfect TV (1 - 50)Universal Century 0087. After Operation Stardust, the Earth Federal Forces formed an elite division, the Titans, to hunt down the remaining remnants of the Republic of Zeon. The Titans leadership, however, has been far more interested in gaining power for themselves for the past four years. Corrupt and bent on taking over the EFF, the Titan . . . (More) 07/15/06 
NozomuMobile Suit Gundam: Special Edition Perfect Movie BoxIn Universal Century 0079, the colonies of Side 3, now renamed the Principality of Zeon, declared war on the Earth Federal Forces. Mobile Suit Gundam is the story of two soldiers on opposite sides in the war. One, Amuro Ray, is a young boy who was pressed into service when he commandeered the Federal Forces prototype mobile suit Gundam duri . . . (More) 07/15/06 
PolanatorSlam Dunk TV Pt 1 (1 - 24)        “Basketball”. The one forbidden word that should never be mentioned around freshman Sakuragi Hanamichi. Why? Well let’s just say that the 50th girl to dump him in junior high left him for a basketball player. So it is no surprise that when Hanamichi walked through the doors to Shohoku High, Basketball was not one activit . . . (More)06/04/06 

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User Reviews Title Price Added
24Cowboy Bebop Perfect TV (1 - 26)1809/26/2002
20Hellsing Perfect TV & OVA (1 - 13)1802/21/2003
19Berserk Perfect TV1509/26/2002
16Love Hina Perfect TV ( 1 - 25)1802/15/2003
15Hellsing (1 - 13)2109/26/2002
14Gundam Z (1 - 47)4809/26/2002
13I, My, Me, Strawberry Eggs1509/26/2002
13Berserk Perfect TV (1 - 25)2407/08/2003
12Rurouni Kenshin Perfect TV Bundle (1 - 95)9612/12/2002
10Card Captor Sakura TV (1 - 70)5609/26/2002
10Serial Experiment Lain Perfect Set (1 - 13)1201/03/2003
10Gundam 0079 TV - (1 - 43)4009/26/2002
10Studio Ghibli Collection4809/26/2002
10Cowboy Bebop Movie: Knockin' on Heaven's Door809/26/2002
9Flame of Recca5411/03/2002
9Ayashi no Ceres Perfect Collection3509/26/2002
9Neon Genesis Evangelion TV 1 - 26 (Completed) + Movie3611/07/2002
8Outlaw Star Perfect TV (1 - 26)2109/26/2002
8Grappler Baki Pt 1 (1 - 24)1809/26/2002

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