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One of the things we try to give to our customers is an idea of what quality the products they are purchasing. In this section our reviewers give an in depth analysis of products we sell. We also provide reviews from our customers.
ANIMEniacs Staff Reviews
ReviewerTitleUser RatingReviewed On
PolanatorMacross Zero Vol 1   In 1999, alien forces attacked Earth. Simple enough. The downside is that ten years later, the war still rages on. Shin Kudo, once a boy with the love of war glistening in his eyes, is now a pilot of the U.N. Spacy air force. Along with his partner Edgar Lasalle, the two of them make an unbeatable team.
   One day, as t . . . (More)
UsagiChanSamurai Girl: Real Bout High School Perfect TV (1 - 13)

Life must be swell when you are tall, handsomely cute, and able to beat up anyone who crosses your path. (Or rather, beat up any GROUP of people who crosses your path)...unless, ofcourse, if you are a GIRL. That is Ryoko Mitsurugi's most valid complaint as she is quite popular with the females at her school, but not as popular with the males. . . . (More)

UsagiChanFushigi Yuugi Perfect TV Part 2 (27 - 52)

“The four palaces of the heavens. The four corners of the earth. In the name of sacred law, faith, and virtue…I summon thee, Suzaku, guardian of the south.

I beseech you to appear on earth, from the palaces of heaven. For the sake of those here who adore you and who await your presence.

Come to Us! And with your mighty pow . . . (More)

DarkcellTexhnolyze Vol 1 (0 - 4)This is honestly one of the most abstract and ensnaring series I have ever seen. It’s creepy and alluring air is enhanced all the more by the lack of dialogue in a large portion of the show. They choose to use things like light, breathing, color, and contrasting imagery to tell most of the story. When they do talk it often raises more questions . . . (More)11/04/04 
UsagiChanDNA^2 Perfect TV / OVA (1 - 15)

It’s a time where Mega-playboys rule the earth. A young DNA operator, named Karin Aoi, is hired to find the one who started it all. A little over a hundred years ago, the first “Mega-Playboy” was born. No one could even speculate that this boy would turn into the most prolific playboy, impregnating over 100 woman, who would give birth to more p . . . (More)

UsagiChanDarkside Blues

With a filmography of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Wicked City, Demon City Shinjuku, and A Wind Named Amnesia, amongst others, Hideyuki Kikuchi’s DarkSide Blue’s opens up with a tipical cast that reflects upon his other works. In a town known as “The Dark Side of Tokyo”, terrorist, misfits, and the Messiah Clan , Darkside makes his fir . . . (More)

UsagiChanHaibane Renmei Perfect TV (1 - 13)

It all starts with a dream….

While most people who see a giant, sticky cocoon might assume something similar to an alien (or gremlin) might emerge, this theory does not hold true in the small town of Guri. (Glie) Every time a new cocoon or sprout pops up, the townsfolk know all too well that soon would emerge a newborn Haibane--an . . . (More)


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User Reviews Title Price Added
24Cowboy Bebop Perfect TV (1 - 26)1809/26/2002
20Hellsing Perfect TV & OVA (1 - 13)1802/21/2003
19Berserk Perfect TV1509/26/2002
16Love Hina Perfect TV ( 1 - 25)1802/15/2003
15Hellsing (1 - 13)2109/26/2002
14Gundam Z (1 - 47)4809/26/2002
13I, My, Me, Strawberry Eggs1509/26/2002
13Berserk Perfect TV (1 - 25)2407/08/2003
12Rurouni Kenshin Perfect TV Bundle (1 - 95)9612/12/2002
10Card Captor Sakura TV (1 - 70)5609/26/2002
10Serial Experiment Lain Perfect Set (1 - 13)1201/03/2003
10Gundam 0079 TV - (1 - 43)4009/26/2002
10Studio Ghibli Collection4809/26/2002
10Cowboy Bebop Movie: Knockin' on Heaven's Door809/26/2002
9Flame of Recca5411/03/2002
9Ayashi no Ceres Perfect Collection3509/26/2002
9Neon Genesis Evangelion TV 1 - 26 (Completed) + Movie3611/07/2002
8Outlaw Star Perfect TV (1 - 26)2109/26/2002
8Grappler Baki Pt 1 (1 - 24)1809/26/2002

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