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One of the things we try to give to our customers is an idea of what quality the products they are purchasing. In this section our reviewers give an in depth analysis of products we sell. We also provide reviews from our customers.
ANIMEniacs Staff Reviews
ReviewerTitleUser RatingReviewed On
NozomuMasked Rider Ryuki Vol 1 (1 - 8)Shinji Kido is a normal copy writer for a small newspaper, up until he starts covering a series of disappearances in the area. He's soon pulled through the looking glass into a world of monsters and those who fight both with and against them, the Masked Riders. He's followed by a strange dragon inside of a mirror that's trying to eat him. But Shinj . . . (More)06/15/04 
NozomuMasked Rider 555 Vol 2 (5 - 8)Okay, so after watching volume 1, we all know who Faiz is now. And he, along with Mari and Keitaro, start off by going to see Mari's father, and end up at Keitaro's laundry. And that's about they do, because this volume focuses heavily on the Orphenochs Yuji and Yuka, and their new friend Naoya, the Snake Orphenoch. Naoya ends up being the main cha . . . (More)06/15/04 
PolanatorTransformers Season 2 Part 1 (1 - 26) They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack! The Autobots, Decepticons, Dinobots, Insecticons, Constructicons, Spike, Sparkplug, and more in Transformers Season 2 part 1. These first twenty-four episodes of season 2 are filled with deception, teamwork, action, whining (mainly Starscream), and more adventures from your favorite transforming robots in . . . (More) 06/14/04 
PolanatorCyborg Soldier 009 Part 1 (1 - 22)   Nine cyborgs. Each of them was once human, until the evil organization Black Ghost, kidnapped them and turned them into killing weapons with superhuman powers. However, these nine had no intention of helping BG (Black Ghost for short) to gain world domination. So, with the help of one of their creator, Dr. Isaac Gilmore, they have escaped from B . . . (More) 06/08/04 
PolanatorGreen Green Boxset (1 - 12)   Welcome to Kanenone Gakuen, the all boy’s school located deep in the mountains. Well, formerly all boys' school. For the next month, the school has decided to trial-run having a co-ed student body. However, there are a certain number of young men who have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of the bus filled with their new female peers. Out of . . . (More) 05/30/04 
PolanatorGunslinger Girl Vol 2 (5 - 9)    “The girl has a mechanical body. However, she is still an adolescent child.” These are the first words to appear above the title when the episodes begin. Gunslinger Girl volume 2 contains the next five episodes of this tale about six (there is another one) young girls who have at one point been abandoned, only to be reborn again a . . . (More) 05/26/04 
PolanatorBakuryuu Sentai Aba Ranger Vol 5 (25 - 28)   Creepy. That is the only word that really describes episode twenty-six. The basis for it was that this fishing type Evorian monster used his fishing rod to catch humans and turn them into olives. During that episode, the monster captured the son of the father of a cartoon series that Ryouga and Mai watch. That’s right, he took a cartoon characte . . . (More)05/25/04 

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User Reviews Title Price Added
24Cowboy Bebop Perfect TV (1 - 26)1809/26/2002
20Hellsing Perfect TV & OVA (1 - 13)1802/21/2003
19Berserk Perfect TV1509/26/2002
16Love Hina Perfect TV ( 1 - 25)1802/15/2003
15Hellsing (1 - 13)2109/26/2002
14Gundam Z (1 - 47)4809/26/2002
13I, My, Me, Strawberry Eggs1509/26/2002
13Berserk Perfect TV (1 - 25)2407/08/2003
12Rurouni Kenshin Perfect TV Bundle (1 - 95)9612/12/2002
10Card Captor Sakura TV (1 - 70)5609/26/2002
10Serial Experiment Lain Perfect Set (1 - 13)1201/03/2003
10Gundam 0079 TV - (1 - 43)4009/26/2002
10Studio Ghibli Collection4809/26/2002
10Cowboy Bebop Movie: Knockin' on Heaven's Door809/26/2002
9Flame of Recca5411/03/2002
9Ayashi no Ceres Perfect Collection3509/26/2002
9Neon Genesis Evangelion TV 1 - 26 (Completed) + Movie3611/07/2002
8Outlaw Star Perfect TV (1 - 26)2109/26/2002
8Grappler Baki Pt 1 (1 - 24)1809/26/2002

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