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One of the things we try to give to our customers is an idea of what quality the products they are purchasing. In this section our reviewers give an in depth analysis of products we sell. We also provide reviews from our customers.
ANIMEniacs Staff Reviews
ReviewerTitleUser RatingReviewed On
NozomuHurricaneger Vol 4 (26 - 34)On today's Hurricanger, all six ninjas have joined together to fight Jakanja, and it's a good thing too, as the space ninjas have gotten stronger. This volume sort of represents the final evolution of the show, which started as a whimsical comedy, then became deadly serious in the previous story arc. Now, with the introduction of Satorakura (a pun . . . (More)11/29/03 
CrowingHorseA Wind named AmnesiaA Wind Named Amnesia is a strange anime film. A Wind Named Amnesia could be seen as a “social commentary” of our dependency on technology today. What truly matters in life and our “basic instincts” are only two of the very controversial subjects brought up in this amazing anime that is just as amazing today as it was when it first a . . . (More)11/29/03 
CrowingHorseRahXephon MovieLast year, word on the street was there was an anime series even better than Neon Genesis Evangelion. This new series everyone was talking about was called RahXephon and took many of the popular themes from NGE and made them better. I was instantly attracted to the series, but heard there was a feature length movie of . . . (More)11/29/03 
Stev_The_Talking_PieStep Up Love StoryMakoto is a 25-year-old virgin. Despite being inept when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex, he is about to get married. His bride to be, Yura, is a virgin of 25 as well. Step Up Love Story puts you in the middle of their new lives together. . . . (More)11/28/03 
GumaiThe Cat ReturnsThere's something about Ghibli where you know that when you see that blue screen with a etched out Totoro that you'll be getting something different and of good quality. The Cat Returns sticks to both of those, but just barely. It's definitely one of the weaker efforts I've seen from the studio, but at the same time, still better than many other . . . (More)11/25/03 
CrowingHorseGenerator Gawl Boxset (1 - 12)I have said it once and I will say it again: I LOVE SCI-FI ANIME!! Add a few good characters, a little drama, and you have an awesome series; which is exactly what Generator Gawl is: an amazing anime with an amazing story!!

Generator Gawl is an action-packed dramatic sci-fi adventure anime. Set in the near future, Dr. Takuma Nekas . . . (More)

CrowingHorseNinja Scroll TV Boxset (1 - 13)The classic samurai anime Ninja Scroll is an amazing work of art and has been seen countless times by otaku everywhere!. Telling one of the many stories of Jubei Kibagami and his travels across Japan during the Tokugowa period, Ninja Scroll is an unforgettable adventure. However, an exciting addition to Jubei’s mythos has finally be . . . (More)11/22/03 

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User Reviews Title Price Added
24Cowboy Bebop Perfect TV (1 - 26)1809/26/2002
20Hellsing Perfect TV & OVA (1 - 13)1802/21/2003
19Berserk Perfect TV1509/26/2002
16Love Hina Perfect TV ( 1 - 25)1802/15/2003
15Hellsing (1 - 13)2109/26/2002
14Gundam Z (1 - 47)4809/26/2002
13I, My, Me, Strawberry Eggs1509/26/2002
13Berserk Perfect TV (1 - 25)2407/08/2003
12Rurouni Kenshin Perfect TV Bundle (1 - 95)9612/12/2002
10Card Captor Sakura TV (1 - 70)5609/26/2002
10Serial Experiment Lain Perfect Set (1 - 13)1201/03/2003
10Gundam 0079 TV - (1 - 43)4009/26/2002
10Studio Ghibli Collection4809/26/2002
10Cowboy Bebop Movie: Knockin' on Heaven's Door809/26/2002
9Flame of Recca5411/03/2002
9Ayashi no Ceres Perfect Collection3509/26/2002
9Neon Genesis Evangelion TV 1 - 26 (Completed) + Movie3611/07/2002
8Outlaw Star Perfect TV (1 - 26)2109/26/2002
8Grappler Baki Pt 1 (1 - 24)1809/26/2002

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