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One of the things we try to give to our customers is an idea of what quality the products they are purchasing. In this section our reviewers give an in depth analysis of products we sell. We also provide reviews from our customers.
ANIMEniacs Staff Reviews
ReviewerTitleUser RatingReviewed On
CrowingHorseOnce Upon a Time in ChinaDirected by Tsui Hark (Legend of Zu) and starring Jet Li (Lethal Weapon 4 and The One, Once Upon a Time in China is a tale of courage. Based on one tale of the Chinese legendary folk hero Wong Fei Hung, Once Upon a Time in China ia a storytelling masterpiece and a martial arts film classic! . . . (More)10/23/03 
CrowingHorseThe Wings of HonneamiseRecipient of the 1987 “Best Picture” award at three different award’s ceremonies (Japan’s Anime Awards,The Seiun Awards, and The Animage Awards), The Wings of Honneamise is a fictional tale of Japan’s Royal Space Force and their race to become the world’s first astronauts! Written and directed by Hiroyuki Yamaga . . . (More) 10/23/03 
CrowingHorses.CRY.edA dramatic, action-packed science fiction series, s.Cry.ed is pure entertainment! One of Japan’s smaller islands has become a lawless wasteland, its people oppressed by those who live outside its walls. Now, a government organization called HOLY must police the “Lost Ground” and ensure that the native “Alter users” do n . . . (More)10/20/03 
Stev_The_Talking_PieRobot CarnivalRobot Carnival, a 1987 theatrical release, is composed of nine vignettes all around the central theme of robots. Many different talents of the anime industry worked on this film including Hiroyuki Kitazume (Moldiver) and Katsuhiro Ohtomo of Akira fame. Every artist puts an interesting spin on a hallmark of Japanese Animation. . . . (More)10/19/03 
CrowingHorseGuyster: Fractions of the Earth Pt 1 (1 - 12)As I have said in the past, I love to watch science fiction anime. Add a little “mecha” and I am hooked! This is one reason why when I heard from a fan’s review that Guyster: Fraction of the Earth was pretty good, I jumped at the chance to review it.

It is the early 26th century. 300 years have past since mankind was forced to flee to sp . . . (More)

CrowingHorseGojoeI have been a fan of samurai action films since I was 10 years old! Sogo Ishii’s masterpiece GoJoe is an example of samurai perfection! Considered the “return of the Samurai Film to Japanese Cinema,” GoJoe is an exciting sword and martial art masterpiece retelling the story of the legendary duel between Warrior Priest Mushashi-bo Be . . . (More)10/15/03 
CrowingHorseTwilight of the Dark MasterTwilight of the Dark Master is one of the otaku communities’ “forgotten” animated movies. It is not a great anime by any means; but Twilight of the Dark Master is one of the few movies every otaku has heard of and very few remember!

Based on the familiar plot of “angels versus demons,” Twilight of the Dark Master fo . . . (More)


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User Reviews Title Price Added
24Cowboy Bebop Perfect TV (1 - 26)1809/26/2002
20Hellsing Perfect TV & OVA (1 - 13)1802/21/2003
19Berserk Perfect TV1509/26/2002
16Love Hina Perfect TV ( 1 - 25)1802/15/2003
15Hellsing (1 - 13)2109/26/2002
14Gundam Z (1 - 47)4809/26/2002
13I, My, Me, Strawberry Eggs1509/26/2002
13Berserk Perfect TV (1 - 25)2407/08/2003
12Rurouni Kenshin Perfect TV Bundle (1 - 95)9612/12/2002
10Card Captor Sakura TV (1 - 70)5609/26/2002
10Serial Experiment Lain Perfect Set (1 - 13)1201/03/2003
10Gundam 0079 TV - (1 - 43)4009/26/2002
10Studio Ghibli Collection4809/26/2002
10Cowboy Bebop Movie: Knockin' on Heaven's Door809/26/2002
9Flame of Recca5411/03/2002
9Ayashi no Ceres Perfect Collection3509/26/2002
9Neon Genesis Evangelion TV 1 - 26 (Completed) + Movie3611/07/2002
8Outlaw Star Perfect TV (1 - 26)2109/26/2002
8Grappler Baki Pt 1 (1 - 24)1809/26/2002

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