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Please Save My Earth
(Item No Longer Available

Alice is a seemingly-average high school freshman, but things aren't always as they seem. She overhears two boys from her class talking, and after an initial mix-up, they tell her they've been sharing the same dreams for years. This may seem a little strange at first, but when Alice passes out later, she starts to have the same dreams as them. What do these dreams of a past life on the moon really mean, and are they the dreams of the school children, or are the children the dreams of those on the moon?

For reasons I will never understand, this is packaged in a clear Amaray-style case. Which doesn't look very good with dark art and the all-white back. It looks amazing if you happen to have a spare black case lying around you can put it in, however. Just a poor choice on the case.

Wow. Just wow. The video quality of this disc was amazing. I haven't really seen anything this clear in a long time.

The audio was every bit as clean as the video. It was as clear as it could be, no distortions I noticed. Also, the audio comes in two flavors, English and Japanese, so you get to make up your own mind on how to listen to it.

The subtitles were excellent as well. I couldn't find a single mistake as I watched it. No grammatical errors or spelling errors that I could see. A great job on the whole disc.

Chapter Breaks:
Okay, there's 29 Chapter breaks over the course of 6 episodes. This is what I like to see, enough chapters that you can easily find a scene without a lot of hassle. It's an excellent job and just adds to the overall quality of the disc.

Did you notice that red and white Eiffel Tower looking building that seems to be a central part of this, and about a million other shows? That's the Tokyo Tower. Completed in 1958 by the Takenaka Corporation, the Tokyo Tower is both a TV and Radio signal relay and a tourist destination, being listed as one of 21 members of the "World Federation of Great Towers." The tower houses a gift shop, aquarium, a wax museum, and 2 observation decks. It's a great sight in the Tokyo skyline, as well as an excellent place to look out over Tokyo itself. So if you're ever in Japan, make sure you schedule a trip to the tower to see one of Japan's most renowned landmarks.

Okay, that was weird. I have this feeling like I was someone else, like an out-of-body experience. I was sitting in a desk, working at the Japan Tourism Board... how odd. I didn't say anything strange, did I?

Okay, so what did I personally think about this show? I think it's really weird, somewhat confusing, and that kid with the purple hair creeps me out. But at the same time, I really enjoyed it. It's a good change of pace from the normal shows I see everyday, and it's got an old-school feel without seeming dated. I felt it was accessible, and it's short, only six episodes, which makes it a lot easier to pick up and watch.

Publisher: MAC
Discs: 1
Episodes: 6
Price: $5.00

Reviewer: Nozomu
Reviewed On: 06/17/2004
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