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Love Hina Perfect TV + Movie ( 1 - 25 + Movie)
(Item No Longer Available

Urashima Keitaro has spent the past three years attempting the Tokyo University entrance exams and failing miserably. He refuses to give up, however, because fifteen years ago he made a promise to his first love that they would go to Tokyo U together. Keitaro can longer remember her name or face, but the promise is heavy on his mind. The series follows Keitaro as he continues to study for his entrance exams, takes over as manager of his family's boarding house, the all-girls' Hinata So, and tries to win the heart of his new upstairs neighbor, Narusegawa Naru.

All four discs come in a single-width Amaray-style case. The front cover features a collage image of the entire cast, including main and secondary characters. The borders and back cover are decidedly pink, which is very odd because the show is unmistakably aimed at a male audience.

The video is clear and free from distortions. The DVD also has a really good transfer which lets all of the show's bright colors and comedic action sequences show up without visible artifacts form compression.

There are two audio tracks, one Japanese, one English. Both tracks are free of errors and distortions. The quality of the voice acting on the English track, however, is so bad that it's almost unwatchable, especially in comparison to the top-notch voice acting on the Japanese track.

The subtitles were almost perfect. There were absolutely no spelling or typographical errors. There was, however, a small error that crops up from time to time. When multiple subtitles are supposed to display, one of them usually disappears while the other one is on the screen.

Chapter Breaks:
There were four chapter breaks per episode. Normally I like to see 5, but since there's no next episode preview, 4 is just as good, and it matches the standard.

There are extras on each disc. Unfortunately, these extras are only trailers. And they're trailers for other shows, not Love Hina. So, they're more like adverts.

Also, on the final disc, disregard the order the shows are listed in on the menu. You'll want to watch the Winter Special first, then the Spring Special, then Love Hina Again.

Boarding house romantic comedies are kind of a staple of Japanese animation. Often times, as with Love Hina, these are also harem anime where a male character lives with a large group of females, all of whom are attracted to him to some degree. Love Hina is probably the best-known modern example of both of these genres, and deservedly so. I haven't seen a better, funnier example of either a boarding house show or a harem show that wasn't written by Rumiko Takahashi. And she hasn't done either in 20 years. And the humor, unlike in so many Japanese comedies, is easily accessible universal humor that's not based on Japanese culture and linguistic puns.

Publisher: FX
Discs: 4
Episodes: 25 + Movie
Price: $24.00

Reviewer: Nozomu
Reviewed On: 08/30/2006
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