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  Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods [FX]   

Our Price: $6.00
(MSRP: $14.99)

A few years after the defeat of Kid Buu, two great events on opposite sides of the universe shake the Dragon Ball multiverse to its foundations. One is the awakening of Beerus, God of Destruction, who arises after a mere 39 years (instead of the usual 50) because of a prophecy that he would encounter an “arch-rival” around this time. Upon learning that Freeza has been slain, Beerus decides to take his manager Whis (“beer” and “whiskey,” you see) and go check out the Super-Saiyan who defeated him, in part because of rumors he had once heard about a supposed Super-Saiyan God. Meanwhile on Earth, Bulma throws a birthday party the way only the richest woman in the world could: with Dragon Balls as the top of many expensive prizes for a bingo contest. Not even the infiltration of an old enemy can stop the fun – that is, of course, until Beerus shows up, after having soundly trounced Goku, who was training on Lord Kai's world. What will Vegeta do to protect his family against Beerus? Can he and the others hold out until Goku arrives, and even then, can they find a way to power up enough to thwart Beerus? Or will Beerus be too distracted by chowing down on Earth delicacies to care?

Additional Information
Discs: 1

Episodes: Movie

Languages: Japanese

Subtitles: Chinese

Region: Region 0

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