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Vampire Wars (Anime)

                thousand years ago, one of Larusa's ships crash landed on Earth.


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  Dvine [LUV] [FX]   

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Hyde is an adventuring swordsman who seeks a legendary treasure supposedly hidden within the depths of a cave outside the town of Arville. What he finds though is a naked girl encased in ice... a girl which he unwittingly frees from her frozen prison. Hyde takes the girl to the town doctor where she regains consciousness, but all she can remember is her name -- Youra. Amidst aiding various damsels-in-distress, Hyde must solve the mystery that engulfs Youra and the cave before an ancient evil awakens and wreaks havoc on the world.

Additional Information
Discs: 1

Episodes: 3

Languages: English

Subtitles: English

Region: Region 0

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