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Anime Trivia
Golden Boy (Anime)

Miss Naoko teases Kintaro all the time but in the end falls in love with him, when she gives him his notebook back she has her number and a msg written in it ... on what did she write it on ?

A.The backpage of the actual notebook
B.The frontpage of the actual notebook
C.An envelope folded inside the notebook
E.A bra
F.None of the above

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  Manzai Comics TPB 1 [AUR]   

Our Price: $5.99
(MSRP: $10.99)

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Middle school student Ayumu Seta is called out by fellow "male" student, Takashi Akimoto who suddenly blurts out, "Please go out with me!" While desperately trying to reject him, Ayumu finds out that by "Please go out with me," Takahashi meant as his partner for a comedic dual, "Manzai." However, the more Ayumu tries to reject the excessively confident and forceful Takashi, the more he finds himself sucked into a world of comedic mayhem!

Additional Information
Languages: English

Author: Atsuko Asano & Hizuru Imai

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