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What is Ban's and Ginji's motto?

A."If it's stolen, we can comfort you!"
B."If it's stolen, we can buy a new one for you!"
C."If it's missing, we can find it!"
D."If it's stolen, we can steal it back!"
"If it's stolen, we can steal it back!"

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  Switch TPB 04 [TP]   

Our Price: $4.99
(MSRP: $9.99)

The NCD is investigating a blackmail case involving a drug dealer who is proving impossible to pin down. In an effort to get any leads, the team begins to investigate the victim, office worker Yoshio Ito. Hal and Kai go undercover to infiltrate Ito's life, and find a twisted trail of dark secrets! Rating: T+

Additional Information
Languages: English

Author: Naked Ape

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