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Anime Trivia
Ranma --Random Rhapsody (Anime)

What did Akane write on her leg cast?

A."I love Ranma"
B."I hate Ranma"
C."Stupid Ranma"
D."Where are you Ranma?"
"Stupid Ranma"

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  Taro and the Carnival of Doom [VIZ]   

Our Price: $3.99
(MSRP: $7.99)

Who is that masked villain?
When King Crossout lures Terrie to a creepy carnival, he's determined to defeat Terrie once and for all. But Terrie is fearless, and he finds a new friend to join the fight! Battle lines are drawn (and erased), secrets are revealed, and sharks sing (?) in the final fight for the fate of Doodledom!

Additional Information
Languages: English

Author: S. Ji-Hyung

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