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  Message From: PolanatorJul 03, 2004 Minimize

No Image Available
Well I just came back from vacation and I've brough some reviews with screenshots back with me! So check out Battlefield Baseball and Lupin the Third: Fujiko's Unlucky Day.
I plan on having up my Transformers Season 2 Part 2 by Sunday and Cyborg Soldier 009 Part 2 up later in the week. Until next time, byebye!

- "Talk about a bowl in a china shop." - Optimus Prime

  Message From: PolanatorJul 06, 2004 Minimize

No Image Available
Hi everyone! I have just put up the review with screenshots for The Original Transformers: Season 2 Part 2! It was a great second half of the season and now it's time to watch the movie! I am off to watch Cyborg 009 Part 2 and I hope to have that up for you all in a couple of days. Bye for now!

- "Talk about a bowl in a china shop." - Optimus Prime

  Message From: CrowingHorseJul 06, 2004 Minimize

No Image Available
Finally, after two months of picking and choosing, I have decided on the second official reviewer for the site.
Congratulations Michael Henderson!
I hope Animeniac readers welcome Michael, AKA Darkcell, and enjoy his reviews!

More info soon! Stay tuned for some great reviews as well!

- "I'm the best there is at what I do, though what I do isn't very nice!" -Wolverine

  Message From: WangfooJul 12, 2004 Minimize

No Image Available
The new SSL key is about to be implemented. As a result there may be some downtime while our IP address changes and some updates to the system are made.

- All the ip addresses have been changed. Alterations are complete. The SSL key installation is still incomplete but hoping that will get done soon.

- Build a man a fire and he is warm for a day, set a man on fire and he is warm for the rest of his life.

  Message From: PolanatorJul 22, 2004 Minimize

No Image Available
Time for a long update:

1) There are some new reviews added to the site. I hope you enjoy them all!

2) As for the Naruto Limited Edition Box set: Episodes 1-76, there is a reason there is only one link up right now. That is because I have not watched parts 2 or 3 yet. As soon as I do, I will right a review for it, post the review, and then make a link to that review. It all makes sense if you click on the review for the limited edition set and read what I have written there. Also, I will scan the box from EVERY angle and put those screenshots up ASAP!

3) By Friday, I will post my review (along with screenshots) for Lupin III Special: Otakara Henkyaku Dai and will work very hard to finish Naruto Part 2: Episodes 26-50 by Sunday!

4) Thank you for reading all of that and I hope everyone has a great day! Byebye for now.

- "Talk about a bowl in a china shop." - Optimus Prime

  Message From: PolanatorJul 23, 2004 Minimize

No Image Available
Just wanted to let everyone know that I put up the review with screenshots of Lupin the Third Special: Otakara Henkyaku Dai TV special. It was funny and had a lot of action. And it just goes to show that Lupin has still got it after all these years! Enjoy!

- "Talk about a bowl in a china shop." - Optimus Prime

  Message From: UsagiChanJul 30, 2004 Minimize

No Image Available

Hey folks!! Well, I figured I'd get this over with and have y'all see my ugly mug. I am Kat, or UsagiChan, one of the new reviewers. I put my first batch of reviews up, I hope you can enjoy them. I have a twisted and dry sense of humor, I try and keep it out of my writings, but sometimes things slip. ::shrugs:: I'm trying to fit into the flow of things here, so please bear with me as I am quite new to this. Feel free to email me if and when I do/say something wrong! Enjoy!

- "Holding onto anger is like holding a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone else. It is you that is bound to get hurt." Buddha.

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