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  Message From: CashanJun 01, 2004 Minimize

   Wow.. been a long time since I've been posting on the main page. Basically this is just an informational post about the new R3 movies we are getting in. Those are the official HK releases.. but the initial ones we're getting in are still ALL REGION coded so that's not an issue with american players.. but watch in the future as we might get some Region 3 coded ones so be careful.

And to save myself any questions later.. yes.. those are the descriptions right from the back of the boxes.. I don't understand some of them either.

- "I can predict the movement of the stars, but not the madness of men" - Sir Isaac Newton

  Message From: Lia LiaJun 08, 2004 Minimize

No Image Available
Hey everyone! ^^ I currently sent in some more OST lists, so they should be up soon. If you have any questions or concerns about the OSTs please e-mail me. And here are some new products to keep you happy. Later. ^_^


  Message From: PolanatorJun 08, 2004 Minimize

No Image Available
Hey everyone! I'm sorry for taking so long to finish my latest review, but I have posted it along with screenshots. It is The Cyborg Soldier 009 part 1. Also, I know that the last couple of paragraphs are are italicized, but I will be fixing that little error later in the evening. I am currently watching Transformers Season 2 part 1 and hope to have the review up for that in the next couple of days! Until next time, byebye!

- S-O-N-I-C GO! - Sonic X

  Message From: Anjin-SanJun 11, 2004 Minimize

Today, for a change, I have Good News and I have More Good News. We have finally received the long awaited shipment of more Battle Royale and Volcano High.

Did I say More Good news? YES, I did. We also received the long awaited Battle Royale II that everyone has been talking about. I know that it has been a long time coming but good things are worth waiting for and this is not a "Pre-Order" item, either.

But Wait, there's more. We also received some very good looking new titles as well, Such as Zatoichi, Battlefield Baseball and Azumi.

You will find all of the new titles listed in the new products section.

Until next time, Enjoy

- For one to fret about the end of the universe, one must be immortal. If you are immortal, what do you have to worry about?

  Message From: CrowingHorseJun 12, 2004 Minimize

No Image Available
It has been almost TWO MONTHS since I first announced would be accepting applications for two reviewing positions. Time has flown by and I have been working, going to school, and (at night) reviewing applications, applicant's answers to questions, and applicant's reviews trying to decide who would best fit into the reviewer positions.
I have received over 20 applications and countless emails asking WHEN I would announce the two new reviewers. I come before you today to announce!!!

Congratulations Kat Higdon!!

Kat is one of the new reviewers and will be using the name UsagiChan on the site.

The second reviewer will be chosen shortly...

- "I'm the best there is at what I do, though what I do isn't very nice!" -Wolverine

  Message From: PolanatorJun 14, 2004 Minimize

No Image Available
Autobots, roll for it! I just wanted to let you all know that I have put up a review and screenshots for The Original Transformers Season 2 Part 1. I hope you enjoy! Byebye for now!

- S-O-N-I-C GO! - Sonic X

  Message From: PolanatorJun 22, 2004 Minimize

No Image Available
WOW! Look at all the new items as well as new reviews posted on the site! Each of them (reviews) are worth reading! Also, I've decided to add to the growing collection, so I have put up my review with screenshots of: Abaranger volume 6: episodes 29-32. Enjoy!

- "It's a thong!" - Gingerbread Man (Shrek 2)

  Message From: HaVoKJun 24, 2004 Minimize

No Image Available
Ok just a slight update to keep everyone informed: ANIMEniacs will be closed from Friday, June 25th thru Sunday, June 27th. Operations will begin again as per the usual on Monday morning. Fortunately, the entire staff will be out of town celebrating the wedding of Joe and his bride-to-be Miranda. Just figured I'd let everyone know since Anjin and Joe already have enough to take care of at the moment and I didn't want people to freak out when we don't answer the phone or reply to their e-mail. Here's to a great weekend!

- "If man cannot choose, he ceases to be man." -Unknown

  Message From: PolanatorJun 26, 2004 Minimize

No Image Available
First off, I would just like to congratulate Joe and Miranda! I wish them the best in life and everything they do!

On another note, I just wanted to let everyone know that I posted my review with screenshots of ArcadeGamer Fubuki. If you enjoy video games or are just looking for something to watch to pass the time, check it out! Until next time, byebye!

- "It's a thong!" - Gingerbread Man (Shrek 2)

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