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  Message From: PolanatorOct 02, 2005 Minimize

No Image Available
Hi everyone. Once again I am sorry for the delay, but here is the review with screenshots for the final Hikaru No Go box set. Part 4 contained episodes 65-75 and a lot of memories.

If you still need more Go (I know I do), then check out my review of the Hikaru No Go Special coming in just a day or two! Bye for now!


  Message From: CashanOct 04, 2005 Minimize


Wangfoo is working hard on getting the template updated in the next 24 hours. He's running into some PHP and Database connection issues that he's having to iron out to make everything work right. We know it was due on the 1st but its gonna be a little late.

We're expecting a restock of Advent Children by Thursday hopefully.. look for it soon. While we expected a heavy demand for the item we were not expecting to sell 120 copies in 8 hours like we did.. ;_;

- 'A generation of men raised by women. I'm wondering if another woman is the answer we really need.' - Tylder Durden ; Fight Club

  Message From: PolanatorOct 05, 2005 Minimize

No Image Available
QUICK! Everyone look to the right. I've finally taken up all five review slots once more...bwahahaha!

Ahem...anywhoo...the review with screenshots for the Hikaru No Go 2004 New Years Special: Road to the Hokuto Cup is now up. Up next: ZEBRAMAN!!! GET EXCITED FOR ZEBRA POWER!


  Message From: CashanOct 06, 2005 Minimize

We're looking at getting Advent Children restocked on Friday. For those of you that come here for the american releases. We get DVD's in all week long.. there is no way to predict that. Manga / Comic Books / Toys are received Wednesday every week, Thursday on weeks that have holidays in them. This should help people know when to look for new items.


I'm gonna be working on a new template for the forums soon, since I haven't been too happy with a lot of the cookie cutter ones that are available. Basically, I have reduced a LOT of the clutter by consolidating various forums down and so it should be easier to navigate now. If anyone has any input, plz let me know at

Replacement DVDs

If you have not received a replacement DVD by Monday of this upcoming week please contact us again. We have finally, according to Anjin, cleared the backlog of those from when HaVoK was not doing them. If you havent received one we need to know and get it solved now. Sorry for the concerns but we're working hard to get everything back on track.

CD Supplying

If you have contact with or are a supplier of ALION, SonMay or any / all of the various HK CD suppliers please contact us. Our current supplier has decided that she will not supply those anymore in favor of HK DVD's and we need a new source. Thanks.

- 'A generation of men raised by women. I'm wondering if another woman is the answer we really need.' - Tylder Durden ; Fight Club

  Message From: Anjin-SanOct 10, 2005 Minimize

Whoa! Did we ever bite the big one. We just discovered that the cart on the site has been busted for about the last 2 days and noone has been able to order anything (sorrowful face, embarrassingly red).

WangFoo meister has found and corrected the error and everything is now running normally. We really do apologize for the error but also accept that these things happen from time to time when you are trying to update the site. we really do appreciate your patience and understanding.

- For one to fret about the end of the universe, one must be immortal. If you are immortal, what do you have to worry about?

  Message From: PolanatorOct 11, 2005 Minimize

No Image Available
Anybody see Zebraman yet? ::Dead silence:: Well has anybody heard of the director, Takashi Miike? Yeah, now I have your attention! I encourage everyone to go watch his 2004 movie about a superhero unlike any other! Plus, it's actually really good!

If you're still not convinced, then check out my review with screenshots. THEN go watch the movie!

Up a mystery!!! Oooooh.....


  Message From: PolanatorOct 19, 2005 Minimize

No Image Available
Hi everyone! The mystery review that I kept secret has turned out to be...::drum roll please:: Lupin the Third: Hemingway Papers. It is up along with screenshots for your enjoyment.
Next up: Tenjhou Tenge TV Series. See ya later!


  Message From: WangfooOct 25, 2005 Minimize

No Image Available
I'm making a few changes to the website. The webcart will be down for a few hours while I make changes. I'll update this post when everything is working again.

UPDATE - Thanks for waiting folks. The webcart has been fixed and working again. I'm working on a new webcart that will be easier to use and understand. Hope you like it when it goes live.



  Message From: DarkcellOct 27, 2005 Minimize

No Image Available
America. Smell it. A nation built on one principle. Bigger is better! So as an American I ask you. How could you not love an anime that shares this belief? The answer: you canít! Giant Robo is practically jam packed with hugeness! It has giant in the name for heavens sake! So I urge you to do the right thing. Check out my review and screenshots for Giant Robo. Do it for hugeness. Do it for America! I thank you. "The children of the night....What beautiful music they make!" 'Nuf Said!" Darkcell214

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