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  Message From: CashanJul 01, 2005 Minimize

Happy 4th of July,

Time to take in the summer, it sucks, and enjoy the sun, that sucks too, and revel in the time, that's good. We'll be closing the store for Monday the 4th and be open again bright and early on the 5th. Don't Panic.

HaVoK is moving on to another job, so people will be suffering through the hell of having me around 6 days a week now. So between my night shift job and working the store.. my conversion to Undead is near completion.

Happy Holiday to you and your own. We'll see you this weekend or Tuesday.. either way: Anime your brain out.

- Even hyprocisy lies in tatters after a battle ; The truth is laid bare.. through vitory or defeat! - Sechs ; Battle Angel Alita: Last Order

  Message From: PolanatorJul 06, 2005 Minimize

No Image Available
I'm back with reviews! If you haven't done so yet, please check out my reviews for volumes 6-8 of Ultraman Cosmos, Macross Zero Perfect Set: Episodes 1-5, and Avenger Boxset.
Up next is Gunparade March Pefect Set, so I will see you all in a few! Byebye!

- "When the bird humans appear again...a song of destruction will echo into the world." - Sara Nome

  Message From: PolanatorJul 09, 2005 Minimize

No Image Available
Hello everyone! If you haven't watched it, go get yourself a copy of Gunparade March. Want to know more? Then check out the review (with screenshots).
Up next is: E's Otherwise. See ya in a few. Byebye!


  Message From: CashanJul 19, 2005 Minimize

Been catching up the manga racks.. as always if there are titles you are in particular trying to obtain let us know on the forums. We're filling in the gaps where we missed come volumes as well. One of the biggest problems we've been having in stocking currently are titles coming from ComicsOne as they keep cancelling a lot of our preorders for some unknown reason. It's getting rather old =).

Seeing a lot more activity from the people that picked up the FX logo as well as EZDVD pumping out the asian cinema.. the rest of summer and going into fall is looking good for perfects from all companies involved.

- Even hyprocisy lies in tatters after a battle ; The truth is laid bare.. through victory or defeat! - Sechs ; Battle Angel Alita: Last Order

  Message From: PolanatorJul 21, 2005 Minimize

No Image Available
Are you ready for my longest review yet? If you think you're brave enough (or just have a lot of free time), then check out my review with screenshots for E's Otherwise Complete Box Set (MAC). Personally, I don't recommend this set, but I would like to hear your opinions.
Next up is Hikaru No Go. Get ready for some GO! See ya in a few.


  Message From: PolanatorJul 27, 2005 Minimize

No Image Available
GO WATCH HIKARU NO GO RIGHT NOW!!! I give this series a big two thumbs up and am eagerly waiting for my next box sets of the show to arrive. The plot is fast paced and great, the characters (especially Sai) add a sense of realism to the show, and everything about it is just sooooo good. Even if you have never heard of Go, you'll learn! Check it out through Shonen Jump or buy the few volumes that are out today (also available on this site).



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