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  Message From: Anjin-SanMay 14, 2006 Minimize

We had a whole load of new CDs hit the shelf on Friday. Still trying to get the pictures up but they should all be showing in the new listing for music.

We will also be getting in the perfect release of FFVII Advent Children here in about a week so stay tuned for it and other releases about to hit the shelves.

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  Message From: CashanMay 28, 2006 Minimize

Breakdown on the Shipping End

We had a rather operation halting breakdown on the shipping backend and we are working to get it solved as soon as possible. We're still getting items flagged for orders so that backorders are not an issue. The problem is that our shipping and tracking computer had a coplete meltdown. With Anjin, out of town for a few more days there will be a little bit longer delay on this part of the operation. We apologize for the inconvienance and if the delay is unacceptable please contact as soon as possible to get it remedied. I apologize again for this as we couldn't predict that computer was going to go down when it did.

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