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  Message From: Anjin-SanAug 04, 2013 Minimize

Well, looks like the gods are into stage one. The "They first drive mad" part of the scenario. The server that hosts the website just decided it had had enough and on Friday evening it did a complete meltdown taking with it 2 months worth of orders and emails as well as any customer accounts that you had made since the 1st of June. The only good news is that they were able to restore everything but the last couple of months and I had already shipped the last of the standing orders on Friday morning so any outstanding orders should arrive shortly. The only other thing I would ask is if you created your account in the last two months please check to see if it is there and if not, please recreate it so you can track your purchases and receive the occasional newsletters.

- 'What the mind of man can invent, the mind of man can circumvent.' - Triplanetary by E. E. 'Doc' Smith

  Message From: Anjin-SanAug 27, 2013 Minimize

I am glad to announce that we have made a really good purchase of some Ikkitousen figures and are able to let them go a a real savings over their list price. You can see them on the site by just typing in the word 'clearance' in the search and it will bring up the complete list of items for sale. The reason we could make this purchase and save money was the minor damage to the external boxes durning the manufacturing process. They have dents and scraps on the outside but the figures on the inside are pristine. All of the blemishing was on the packaging but the distributor couldn't sell them to major vendors that way. Too Bad!

We also received two new titles from FX including the long awaited third Neon Genesis movie, '3.33 You Can(not)Redo!' Our other title is the Ninth Naruto Shippuden movie, 'Road to Ninja'. Both of these are up on the site and available for purchase.

There will be more new titles in the future so keep an eye on the site for the latest updates.

- 'What the mind of man can invent, the mind of man can circumvent.' - Triplanetary by E. E. 'Doc' Smith

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