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  Message From: Anjin-SanJan 18, 2013 Minimize

As they say, "Never challenge worse!" Looks like the Pot People as opposed to the Pod People are going to get the space to expand their medicinal weed farm. I received my notice from the Landlord to be out of here by the 31st of January. So, you know what that means. We are about to go into garage sale mode on everything currently in the store starting tomorrow morning.

At the same time, to help me move into the smaller space I have acquired to move into from here, I will also be transferring as much as possible of the stock to my Amazon Fulfillment account which stores it in their warehouses and also makes the stock eligible to be shipped in their Prime Program. It will also change the prices on these items both up or down as they have to remain competative with the rest of the sellers so even I don't know what they will be until I post them for shipping. What this means is that if there is something you want during the garage sale, get it while you can because once I arrange for the Amazon shipping, it will be coming off the site and you'll have to go there for it.

I will also be holding an Open House here at the current site both this weekend and next weekend for anyone who wishes to drop by and shop. There will also be store fixtures and accessories available such as bookcases as well as other items such as a personal laser printer, a new in the box color laser printer, still sealed, clothing security tags with release magnets and a keyboard, an 18" X 48" X 36" rolling Gridwall gondola and a three piece point of sale set. Offers Welcome

Make sure to check the site tomorrow morning when the prices change to see just how low they will go.

- 'What the mind of man can invent, the mind of man can circumvent.' - Triplanetary by E. E. 'Doc' Smith

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