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CashanInsomniac Owner
Yep, that's me. The guy who runs the site and answers a lot of your emails, takes your complaints, and, in short, is the brains (or I'd like to think so) behind this operation. Not much to look at I'll give myself that. I decided to put this page up when someone said they called me to confirm that I "spoke english". Let the truth be known.. Joseph Henderson is a white guy ^_^;;

Hmm.. what can I say here beyond that.. not much.. avid collector of japanese art, manga, video games, RPGs and of course, what I sell and have a vast knowledge of anime.. I own close to 300 VHS Tapes.. no copies.. and about 600 R1 DVDs.. and somewhere close to 250 HKs.. Bring on the questions.

Name: Joseph Henderson
Site Handle: "Cashan"
Age: 25
Status: Engaged
Position: Co-Owner / Inventory Managment
E-Mail: ""
HTML Publishing
Computer Technician (Hardware)
Wire Monkey! (G33k 7erm!)
Case Modder
UNIX JES3 Based Systems
Graphic / Web Design:
Paint Shop Pro
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Time as an anime fan: 12 years
First Anime Watched: Robotech, Vampire Hunter D (Original)


Anjin-SanThe Power Behind the Throne
No Information Entered At This Time!

Name: Daniel C Henderson Sr.
Title: "Anjin-San"
Age: 52
Status: Married
Computer Technician (Hardware)
Computer Technician (Software)
Computer Network Administration
Computer Systems Administraion / Security
Windows Guru
Other Skills -:
Video Synching
VCD Production
Yahoo Mail (yes, it's a skill!)
First Anime: Speed Racer (American)
Time as an anime fan: 26 years
Cons Attended: 0


dwilsonYeah, that other guy who's not Cashan's Dad
No Information Entered At This Time!

Name: Dan Wilson
Site Handle: "djsatan"
Age: 33
Status: ??
Position: Manager / Personnel


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