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F.requently A.sked Q.uestions
1.) Are you guys legit? (Yes, we've really gotten this one)
As of Nov 2001, we were selling items on eBay and the website soon followed. Fast-forward to about March 2003 and we filed all the copyrights / trademarks / legal mumbojumbo and anyone seeking information on us can contact the Colorado Business agencies (whatever they are) and ask for ANIMEniacs, LLC and get any information you wish on us.. LLC's are public entities. Bye now!

2.) Why don't you guys carry "Insert Title"?
Most likely because there is no good LD / DVD source to be ripped from. Another possible conclusion is that this show is currently airing on Japanese TV last weekend and you will NOT see an HK of it THAT fast.. no matter how much you email me about "Title X" ep "xx" and why it's not on DVD yet.

3.) When will you guys carry 'Insert Title'?
When it's made available to us.. It's not the answer most want, but unless it's a big release we don't really get a lot of pre-information more than 2 weeks in advance.

4.) Why do you carry "Insert Title"?, it sucks!
Umm... hmm... nope.. no way to be nice about this.. keep your opinion to yourself.. I like FF: Unlimited.. I can't begin to count how many of you hate this title.. I love RPGs.. some of you like Yaoi porno.. nuf said..

5.) When will you carry "insert anime related product"?
We eventually plan to carry something of everything.. and as we grow we'll try to carry everything.. the unreachable dream.. *sighs wistfully*.. But we are going about this slowly as we get extra funds in the budget that allow us to do so. Except yaoi... I'm not touching that.. and you shouldn't either.. scary sick people.. *shivers*

6.) How does the Preorder system work?
Currently, Preorders are held along with the rest of the order until everything can be shipped at the same time. Because of the small flat-rate shipping we have to do this to keep costs down.

7.) Can you ship it international?
If you've read the Shipping Information this has been addressed there and will be updated soon to be even more to the point and detailed.

8.) How much is shipping?
Shipping it automatically figured into your shopping cart upon checkout. See the shipping page for additional details.

9.) Can you replace a DVD?
See Return Policy.

10.) What forms of payments do you currently accept?
We currently accept 4 forms of payments.. Checks / Money Orders, PayPal Transactions, Western Union Money Orders, and now Visa and Mastercard. Information covering all of these can be found in the Payment Information section. You can choose your payment type during checkout.

11.) How can you sell HK DVDs?
Hmm.. well.. I built a website.. I put up some DVDs.. People buy them.. Supply and Demand at it's simplest most beautiful level. If this is a question asking us to provide our suppliers then I'm going to politely refrain from comment as no company gives out their contacts. ^_~

12.) Why don't you ship using FedEX / UPS.. etc.. ?
(This question has been updated Feb 27th '03)

We now currently offer FedEx shipping on larger bundles, usually orders above 150$ are sent via FedEx Ground. We do not currently offer UPS.

13.) Why did I receive AC when I ordered MI?
Anime Cartoon and Manga International are one and the same creature.

14.) Why won't "insert company name" produce "insert title"?
Umm.. I am NOT the man to be emailing about this.. how bout you try "insert company name" first before asking the reseller?

15.) How long does it take to restock an item?
It depends on the item. We place large orders or small orders depending on anything from pricing, available funds, and the reliability of the supplier. One of the big ones is questions regarding AS / MAC and both myself and other suppliers have them as a low priority for stocking as they require money up front and are highly unreliable as far as the time it takes to get said order. Whereas other suppliers like FX, MI, and AV all ship to us in a few days. Our wallscrolls and CDs come straight from Taiwan and also are infinitely more reliable for our spending. I hope that explains why some items are not of the most concern for the order in which we restock.

16.) My R2s look better...
Well.. yeah.. and you paid 60$ for 2 eps.. for that price you got two entire shows off me... umm... a math lesson might be coming up for those that still don't get where I am going with this little equation.

17.) What about Wholesale?
Due to our move to be legit, we are no longer accepting wholesale options from anyone we have 1) not dealt with in the past in this fashion, 2) Does not have a legit business and can provide an EIN number for our records. We have to do this as it's a tax issue from our side now. So if you are a legitimate store and wish to enquire about wholesale, either call us during business hours or send us an email at

18.) Can you explain the "source" codes?
Soitantly! The "Red A" is for AV. AV stands for Animation Video. The "Green M" is for MI. MI stands for Manga International (aka Circle K, aka Anime Cartoon, aka... yeah...). The "Flaming F" is for FX. FX stands for FX or FX Anime as you choose to call it. NUT stands for NuTech Digital, and american based Hentai liscensor. R1 - R8 are general graphics for when we have no graphic for a particular group / company.

19.) Do you give away free stuff?
*ponders this*..... *tries to come up with some nice way out of this* No. *likes that answer*

20.) What will happen if I ask too many questions that are already covered in this FAQ?
*Click* Deleted! Thanks you for using Yahoo! Mail.

In truth, you'll most likely get a little cut-and-paste form email explaining it exactly the way we've explained it here.

21.) You're an evil man...
Quite possibly, but this has yet to be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt and thus I maintain my title of 'Right Hand of the Dark Lord'.

22.) Where did Cashan go?
Life takes us in interesting directions, his took him away from the Denver Metro area in Oct 2007. At that time he transferred all stakes in the business to Anjin. He occaisionally provides DB and inventory support, but he is now largely out of the business. He still partakes, he longer deals. =)


Joseph A Henderson
Owner / Webmaster

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