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Payment Information accepts payments in these three ways shown below. Make sure you fill out the shopping cart and complete the Order before sending any form of payment!

 Credit Card

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover transactions through our online processing merchant "YourPay". All transactions to and through Animeniacs website are secured for your protection via a digitally encrypted transmission.


We pay so that you can use this service. On each transaction we pay a small fee. What this means is that the service is free of charge to you the customer. You can pay with either credit card... or direct transfer from you're bank account using PayPal. You don't lose out on this in anyway. So why not pay instantly.. and use a service which has 11 Million members and growing.

Notice: Due to Paypal's "Mature Audience: Acceptable Use Policy", we are no longer able to provide Paypal transactions as an option for payment if your cart contains any items considered to be of adult nature/content. We apologize for the inconvenience, if you need to use these services please remove any of the "Offending" items from your cart to proceed. "Offending" items are marked with a red asterisk above in your shopping cart.

 Cashier's Checks / Money Orders/Cash

We have no problem accepting this style of payment either. Takes a little longer, but that is the amazing speed of the post office ^_^. We just ask three things when you use this method: That you pay within 7 days or we will kill the order.

  • Make all Cashier's Checks/Money Orders payable to: ANIMEniacs, INC
  • and please include a copy of the order number with you're payment, or your ANIMEniacs registered email address.

  •  Western Union Money Transfer

    You just go to the nearest Western Union Outlet, which could as close as your nearest Grocery store. They can give the form and tell you how to fill it out. You transfer it to Daniel Henderson, 32703 48th Ave S, Roy, Washington 98580, USA. Please include either the Order Number or your ANIMEniacs registered email address.

  • When you have made the transfer, send an email with the MTCN (Money Transfer control Number) and the name and address you used when purchasing the transfer. Once we have picked up the transfer we will ship the items as soon as possible.

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