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Return & Exchange Policy has finally been forced to put in BLACK and WHITE the policies that we adhere to as far as replacing bad discs. Up until now everyone for the most part has been good and accepting and overall made it easy to get discs replaced. It's always those few that force me to write stuff like this so here are the rules for discs and then in event of the rules the procedures for getting discs fixed.

 Disc Problems Quick Answers

  1. never / and will never claim responsibility for disc content:
    1. "I did not like this anime" is no longer acceptable
    2. Partial episodes are the fault of the printers.. ie. Sakura Wars ep 18, Kare Kano ep 5
    3. My son / daughter / neighbor / friend didn't like this.. see Rule A
    4. This has shitty subtitles.. again.. we don't print the things.. not our fault. We are working on getting better reviews up but until RichC2 completely hooks us up we will refer you to the current reviews.. or to browse the unofficial HK DVD Forums at

  2. International Orders
    1. "Customs seized my package" We have no control over customs
    2. "Customs damaged my package" See Pt A
    3. "Customs taxed me" Yet again... see Pt A
    4. "My package never arrived" In shipping information we recently had to wash our hands of international orders.. they are packed properly and after we ship we take no responsibility because international customs, postal workers, etc. are beyond our control / ability to do anything about. In the case of certain countries.. such as Italy.. we STRONGLY reccomend paying us a little extra for EMS since Global Priority seems to never arrive.

  3. No-Disc Errors
    1. Try it in multiple players.. some players simply dont like a certain disc.
    2. Try this simple fix:
      1. Take a car key / door key
      2. Carefully smooth the inner hole of the DVD, there is little chance of harming the DVD doing this since it's all plastic and no data there
      3. Run your finger in the hole and feel that it has been smoothed out, if not repeat.
      4. This method has been proven to fix approximately 80% of non-read problems.
      5. If not... skip to replacement disc procedures.

  4. Broken Discs
    1. This is more rare but in the event that a disc is physically broken skip to replacement procedures.. I will clarify what broken means though.. tiny cracks on the non-data area of the disc are NOT broekn discs.. they are small cracks.. they don't affect the play of the disc as they are NOT in the data area.
    2. Scratches that cause the disc to SKIP.. and I mean SKIP are under this. I get tons of little emails about light scratches and I tell you all the same answer.. please attempt to play the disc first before complaining.. most often the scratches do nothing to the playability of the disc.

 Disc Replacement Answers

  1. Read the above before skipping to this so as not to waste your time
  2. Here are the steps for getting your discs replaced
    1. Return ONLY the discs that are deemed bad, not the entire sets
    2. The simplest way is in the white sleeves they came in, jewel cases work too
    3. Include your address for us just to be sure in case we destory your return address opening the package
    4. Include a brief note explaining the disc error and where it is on disk. Without this the disc will be sent back unchecked. We don't have time to sit and watch whole discs to discover where the errors, if any, are located.
    5. Do not use a Disc Doctor, Polishing compound, Scratch Remover, etc. on a disc to try to get it to play. The only thing we use is an optical wetwipe to clean smudges. If they work on eyeglasses, they won't scratch a disc. Any evidence of any of these polishing methods and your disc will be returned unchecked. We have no problem replacing bad discs unless they have been modified by the user.
    6. Just so that everyone is aware of this, it is our policy to send a replacement disc, even when we can't reproduce the errors that you describe. That means you won't get the same disc back. It is quicker and more effective to replace it and then error check it when we have time. Since we return these discs to the supplier for credit, we aren't losing anything with this policy.
    7. Address the package as such:

      ANIMEniacs INC
      ATTN: Disc Replacements
      14806 Pacific Ave S
      STE A
      Parkland, WA 98444
    8. Following this removes the whole step of having to email us about replacing discs.. it's simpler and faster for you and less emails for us to answer daily.

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