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Shipping Information

This is going to be simple. We do not ship anything out the same day we receive an order. Average shipping times vary depending on stock levels and workload. We average 40 to 50 orders per day but we strive to keep up with the orders as they come in and are usually one to two days behind the order date in packing and shipping.

 Domestic Shipping ships everything USPS Package services. It is the only way to hold down Shipping and Handling charges. We have been able to hold these rates through 3 Postal Service rate raises. For those of you in a hurry, we offer an EXPRESS mail option which will facilitate delivery and tracking. We do this because it also carries with it the firm belief that since we pay them more they better not mess up the package . . . But you can only hope, no? This option is selected from the checkout stage of the shopping cart and is in addition to the normal shipping and handling. Notice that everything is $8.50 per order. If you are Domestic, and order more than $250, basic shipping is free. If you have any questions about our shipping practices, feel free to email us at Below is the price scale.

Order SizeShipping Cost
$0 - $250$8.50 Flat Rate
$250+FREE (USA Only)
ExpressAdditional $20

 International Shipping

We will accept international orders. But be aware that they will cost $15 more per order to ship overseas. This fee is added to the shopping cart AUTOMATICALLY. The post office charges me an arm and a leg to send international mail. Just shipping fees for a 3 DVD boxset to Canada runs $9.00 and up, that's not including the handling fee so that I can pay the guy who packs everything. I have had enough requests for international shipping that I decided to make it available. However, shipping cost necessitates the additional fee. There is an option to choose International Express mail shipping during the checkout process.

Order SizeShipping Cost
$0 - $149$23.50 Flat Rate
ExpressAdditional $20
$150+$43.50 (Express Only)

This is the fine print about international orders that is now going into effect. I will NO LONGER guarantee an international package. Flat out NO. But America has a very LARGE amount of cash value that may come into the country without taxation. You should not expect me to LIE on you're customs labels and frankly I refuse to do it. If you can't receive a package over 20$USD.. and yes some of you can't, you should a) already know this.. and b) not hold me responsible for customs seizing you're stuff. From now on, We will declare our value on the customs label and will include an invoice either in or on the packages we ship. Duties, if required by your customs, are the responsiblity of the buyer. If you can email me and explain you're countries customs to me.. ie. That I can ship you a package care-free then I'll be happy to. But I mainly aim this at those of you whose customs nails anything over 25$USD and opens the other half that isn't over that. You cannot expect me to call a package worth 200$ practically nothing and WONDER why customs has fits. Its Like mailing bricks and labelling it feathers.. DUH! Email me if you have complaints or would like you're package added to a list of countries that have open customs offices and I can deal with them without worry.

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